Friday Focus

Holy Name of Mary, March 29, 2019

Happy Friday!

Hi everyone,

Thank you for another great week! We are rolling right along, and Spring weather is finally here. Be sure to bring your rubber boots for yard duty next week. It's bound to be mucky.

It will be a short teaching week next week. We will start with April Fool's Day on Monday. Will you be pranked, or will YOU do the pranking? We will wrap up the week with a PA Day on Friday. Details on the PA Day are still to come.

Have a great weekend!


Great Stuff

We LOVE seeing all the great things you are doing in your classrooms each week! There is so much creativity and innovation happening in so many classes. Keep up the great work!
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The Week Ahead

Here is a peek at the week ahead. Please check our Holy Name of Mary Staff calendar for all of the latest updates on what is happening this week at HNOM. As we often have last-minute changes, checking the staff calendar is the best way to get the most up-to-date information on events and absences. This short video tutorial will show you how it's done.

Monday, April 1

  • April Fools Day
  • Laura Shilson in

Tuesday, April 2

  • Kerri Starr in
  • Gail Gamble in to volunteer
  • Cubes in Space meeting at 12:25
  • St. Luke Mini Clinics (Erin)

Wednesday, April 3

  • Nicole Oattes in for testing
  • Sara H out (Sandra Stewart)
  • Graduation Photos at 9:30 in the Library
  • St. Luke Mini Clinics (Pascale)
  • Go Girls at 12:00

Thursday, March 28

  • St. Luke MIni Clinics (Erin)
  • Kerri Starr in
  • Pizza Day
  • Bravo Breakfast
  • Catholic School Council Meeting at 6:30pm

Friday, March 29

  • Mary out (pm only)
  • PA Day