The Shadow Throne

Persuasive book review by Gavin Reichert


"A wonderful book for many to read."New York Times."

It got a 4.5 star rating from Amazon.

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The Shadow Throne was published in Feb 25, 2014. This is the last book in the series of the Ascendance trilogy. Most of the people that read it gave it a 5 star rating.


The author is Jennifer A. Neilson

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All about the Ascendance Trilogy

The Shadow Throne is the third book in the series and is realistic fiction. The main character is named Jaron and is the son of the throne. In the first book he is trying to get back the throne. He makes a couple friendships and loses some too. In the second book he is trying to stop a war. The amount of times he gets put in jail increases and so do the amount of times he breaks out. Finally in the third book he is trying to fight a war. Jaron is a thief and always tends to make things worse. He has many friends and they always help him get out of sticky situations. His princess is named Amarinda and they are trying to become more comfortable together. Some of his friend's names are Mott, his helpful companion, Tobias, his highly educated scholar, and Fink, an Avenian, poor, mischievous boy. He's never without a plan and has childish humor. My favorite part as when Jaron gets stuck in prison. So read this book and find out if breaks out!
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You know you want to read this book. Com on, read it for the sad pup.
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Still though, I've loved reading this book and highly advise that you read it too.