Sand Cats

By Sadie Williams Mrs. Mallon Wheel

Felis Margarita (also know as the Sand Cat)

They are pretty small with very pointy ears. Sand Cats also have short legs and long tails. They can surive for months at a time without water. The color of their soft fur is pale sandy-yellow. Sand Cats almost always have blue or green eyes

Where do they live?

Sand Cats are usually found in Northern Africa and Southern Asia. Manly found in deserts and beaches.

Why Sand Cats are Endangered and How Can We Help

Most are endangered because of decrease in Sand Cat's habitats. We can help by saving more land for Sand Cats. Another way we can help is to put more Sand Cats in zoos.

Why Would I Be Missed

I would be missed because I play an important role in the environment and without me the food chain would be messed up.