Never give up, great things take time


Having perseverance is like driving a bulldozer, it pushes everything out of its path. When something you want to accomplish is out of reach you have to work to get it and have perseverance. Even if you tried and you failed you have to be resilient and try again.



Winston Churchill is a inspirational and brave historical figure. He was born in 1874 at his grandfather’s home in England. In his childhood he had many illnesses and it was very rough. Most of his childhood he spent with his nanny Elizabeth Everest, so he never really got to spend any time with parents because they were busy with their jobs and social lives. After spending his younger years with Elizabeth, he was sent off to boarding school. Throughout his life he has shown bravery, leadership, perseverance, and independence. There were many times when Winston showed bravery. An example is when he gave all the speeches before the wars against Germany. He was so brave to get up in front of thousands of people and tell them that they could do it when a lot of people thought they couldn’t. He also lead Great Britain into WWII, and gave his “Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat” speech in the House of Commons. It took Winston a lot of courage and leadership to lead Great Britain into WWII. However, he is best known for persevering through every hardship. Winston was forced out of politics and was devastated and went into depression. But in 1917 he was again asked to be the Minister of Muntions. And then he had a severe stroke and heart failure but he persevered through it and managed to be the Prime Minister one last time. Winston Churchill once said “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty-never give in.” From this quote we know Winston Churchill was not just a hero but a hero with so much dedication, perseverance, and leadership. He was an important and inspirational person.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson went through many difficulties in his life that most people don’t have to go through. Since Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey joined each other and created the Noble Experiment, which cause many problems. Jackie Robinson was allowed to play baseball but faced many adversities. A lot of people were upset about him being on the Major Leagues and playing with other white baseball players. So he faced many rejection, including bad language and a lot of fighting. I can’t believe he kept going and didn’t give up because that’s what most people would have done.
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Carry On

The kids at Carroll Academy on the basketball team, had a lot of things going on at home that probably made it hard for them to do anything in their life. The coaches at Carroll Academy helped them persevere through things and tried to make the basketball team a positive and trustworthy place for them to come to. These teen girls faced many challenges. A lot of their parents were alcoholics, a lot of their parents were abusing drugs, their parents didn’t have a lot of money and came home late from work, and some of the girls had anger issues or bipolar disorders. Parents are suppose to be there to take care you. These girls never had that. Another problem that these girls faced was that their basketball team never won. They went on a losing streak. They would lose so bad, that their score would 104-10. But they still had that motivation to keep going and persevere even when they lost so much. These girls mindsets were the only thing that got them through their basketball season. With things being so hard for them at their house, and then coming to basketball and losing all the time. How could they do that? They persevered through everything and just keep going. That basketball team and the coaches were probably the closest things that they had to family. But somehow, they used their adversities to make it and persevere through it all.