Font History 1.01

By: Jadayah Gallishaw


  1. Name of font -Lucida Handwriting
  2. Font Family- Lucida handwritten
  3. Style- Italic
  4. Variants of Lucida Handwriting- serif: fax, bright ,Sans serif: Sans Unicode, Grande , Scripts; black letter, calligrapraphy, handwriting
  5. Postscript-Lucida Handwriting italic
  6. Characteristics of Font- Monotype .A modern interpretation of a cursive black letter style used for printing in the 15th and 16th centuries. Tightly fitted by design, so do not tighten letter spacing at text sizes. Spacing can be tightened at large display sizes. Combines well with other Lucida fonts. Use enough line spacing so that ascenders and decenters do not collide. Use all capital combinations sparingly; capitals were intended to be combined with lowercase only.
  7. Original use- Use for signs, posters, menus, or any time you want a font with an antique look. Guidelines
  8. Current use-Use for signs, posters, menus, or any time you want a font with an antique look.
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  1. Font family- Sans serif typeface
  3. Style- Regular italic , Bold italic
  4. Characteristics- The name "Verdana" is based off of the word Verdant which is something green. Verdana was designed to be readable at small sizes on the low-resolution computer screens of the period.
  5. Original use- Brand names, logos typeface, catalog, and web media
  6. Current use- On screen displays, and names, logos typeface, catalog, and web media
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Name of Font-Jokerman

Font Family- Jokerman, grunge typeface

Characteristics-Jokerman is a wildly original and energetic typeface in every way. Fanciful internal and external elements support a spirited troupe of casual letterforms that exude excitement and vitality. Jokerman is effective both in all capital or upper and lowercase settings. Many alternate letters and funky devices are included. From the imaginative hand of British designer Andrew Smith. This design was created in 1995

Original use - logos and display typeface

Current use- Cartoon and much younger audience

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