Cougar News

Oct. 28, 2013 ---- Nov. 1, 2013

Progress Reports Will Go Home on Wed.

Red Ribbon Week

This week is Red Ribbon Week. Here is the schedule of dress up days:

Dress up Days For Red Ribbon Week:

10/28: Monday – Stay in the Game; Be Drug Free! Everyone wears warm ups or athletic wear to represent choosing a drug-free lifestyle.

10/29: Tuesday- Double up against drugs! Twin Day

10/30: Wednesday- Catch the wave of a drug free life- Hawaiian theme

10/31: Thursday - Scare Off Drugs. Wear orange/ black to “scare” off drugs with your Halloween spirit.

11/1: Friday- Burn Out Drugs! Neon Out.

Cougar Science

Mon. 10/28

  • Go over Chemistry Test, work on Physics Vocabulary Flipbook (due Fri.)
  • Chemistry Test reteach sent home with students that made below a 75 on their Chemistry test

Tue. 10/29

  • Intro to Physics Notes

Wed. 10/30

  • Punkin Chunkin Video (how does Physics apply???)

Thu. 10/31

  • Fall Fest Extravaganza (Fun with Science)
  • I will be available for tutorials until 4:30

Fri. 11/1

  • Vocabulary Flipbook due
  • Last Day to Retake Test
  • We will pass out CO2 Cars

Cougar Social Studies

Students will be working on our Economies of the World project this week. Students are encouraged to bring their device if possible. Grade sheets will be sent out Tuesday to all students.

Cougar Math

Regular Classes

We will be working with prime and composite numbers. We will be using these numbers to discuss factor trees and prime factorization.

Advance Classes

Tuesday we will be taking a test. We will then move onto prime and composite numbers. We will be using these numbers to discuss divisibility rules and prime factorization.

Cougar E.L.A

We are focused on our nonfiction unit of study again this week. Students will take a short quiz tomorrow over the nonfiction notes from last week. We will also be doing some creative writing this week.