Our Candidate

Our candidate Evan Welden has a strong belief in democracy, and has very good ideas that strongly relate to the Republican Party. He believes in mostly covering national security, jobs, environment, and healthcare.


National Security- Our plan is not to shut down government programs like N.A.S.A. Save money from enviorment and spend to help National Security.

Economy- Invest in companies that manufacture things we ussualy buy from China.

Enviorment- Invest in windmills, dams, and solarpanels because it lowers electricity bills and makes more jobs.

Health Care- Each state has their own affordable health care but, if needed you can buy healthcare from any other state. [the team]

The Debate

Vice presidential Debate

The debate was between vice presidential candidates Charles Regan and Ed Wells.
The debate last night was a real kicker. [I.D.E.A.S. and Race Car parties]

Our biggest competition, the Racecar Party

The Race Car party is our rivals. [Evan and Jack]
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