Meat VS Plant Based Diet

by Zykai gibbs

Meat Based!!

  • 2 billion people worldwide live on a meat-based- diet

  • Total weight in food consumer per year was 995 kg per year

  • 124 kg of meat and 20.3

  • The population that is on a meat-based- diet has increased exponentially since the 1900’s

Another diet is...

Plant Based!!!

  • 4 billion people worldwide live on a plant-based-diet

  • Another word for plant-based-diet is Lactoovovegetarian.

  • Lactoovovegetarian diets enable individuals to meet basic nutrient needs

  • Total weight in food consumed was 1002 kg per year on the Lactoovovegetarian diet

Environmental Impacts

  • The U.S production system uses up about 50% of total U.S land area, 80% of freshwater, and 17% of fossil energy.

  • To produce 1 kcal of plant protein requires an input of about 2.2 kcal of fossil fuel.

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