The Fourth Stall

By:Chris Rylander

Genre:Realistic Fiction

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Mac is a 6th grader that runs a business in the fourth stall of the east wing bathroom. He can get what you need from test answers to tickets to a rated (R) movie. One day, a kid named Fred nervously walked in. He claimed he had a problem with a rumored torture legend named Staples. Mac and his recruits do as much as they can but will it be enough?


This book is suspenseful, hilarious, shocking. It's one of the best books I've read all YEAR. I am so excited for book two.


Mac narrates the tale with the arch flatness of a 1940s satire of the noir detective genre…Excellent. (ALA Booklist)

Here is an original-a story that really gets how guys are pals. It’s also funny, mysterious, and true to the heart of what really matters when you are in middle school. Do yourself a favor. Read it. Now. (Jon Scieszka, author of the Time Warp Trio series)

Debut novelist Rylander mines a substantial amount of humor and heart from this combination hard-boiled crime novel and middle-grade character piece. A light and enjoyable caper. (Publishers Weekly)

Draws in even the most apprehensive young reader… A robust story rich in action, adventure, humor, and friendship. (Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA))

4 1/2 stars in total.


This book has 314 pages and a reading level of 4.6. This book is directed to 6th through 8th graders.
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Staples is the jerk behind the whole operation. He takes kids money by winning bets.
This is a book with so much tension, you'll be hooked for book two.