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Mlk Jr, Malcom X, Rosa Parks

Martain Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks Compare

Martian Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks were both for the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama. When Rosa did not get up from her seat, Mlk Jr then found his way into the Civil Rights Movement by helping Rosa Parks with the bus boycott.

Martain Luther King Jr and Malcom X Contrast

Mlk Jr. and Malcom X are very different guys. Malcom X was all for fighting back, black power, and all whites are the Devil. Martain Luther King on the other hand was all for peaceful non-violent sit ins or freedom marching. All he wanted was no violence and discrimination against blacks and whites.

Malcom X and Rosa Parks Compare

Rosa Parks and Malcom X have a couple things in common. They were both tired of getting discrimated against. Also, they were tired of being segregated.


All an all I think that Martain luther king jr was the most effishent