Franklin D. Roosevelt

Roosevelt's Precidency

Roosevelt's Early life

Franklin Roosevelt was born January 30,1882 in Hyde Park, New York. He was married to Eleanor (Teddy Roosevelt's Niece) and had six children together. He studied history and government at Harvard University. He also attended New York's Columbia University Law School.

Political Start

In 1910 Roosevelt became the first Democrat senator elected in New York in fifty years. He worked hard to end the corruption that overtook most of New York's government. In 1928, 18 years later, he was elected governor of New York.

A New Deal for America

A year later after his close election, the Great Depression begun. During the first years of the Great Depression he was mentioned to be and able candidate for president. In 1932 the democrat party nominated him to represent them. "in his acceptance speech he told the delegates I pledge you, I pledge myself to a new deal for American people a new deal that would include both relief and reform measures to prevent future economic depressions." (

New Solutions

Roosevelt promised Americans that the country would recover from these terrible times and that he would have new solutions that would solve all problems, giving hope to the people. He sponsored programs that helped 2.5 million men get jobs. Other programs helped farmers increase their income.

Second Term

In 1936 Roosevelt was elected president again. He was aware that Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo were gaining power and he believed that the united States