Unit 2 Summative Assesment

By Ryan O'Sullivan


Claim: People from different social groups fight over power so they can change their mosaic to the way they want it to be.

The Different Groups in Bullets and Ballets

The U.S

The Peasents

The Guerillas

The Army & Welathy

The Goals and Prospective's of each Group

The U.S : The U.S's goal was to stay back and watch what happens. To see what all the groups treaties were and to to see what was going on. If there was too much killing going on in Guatemala then the U.S would have to step in and stop that from happening. The U.S wanted everything to be at peace.

The Peasants : The peasants prospective was that they were the poor people of Guatemala that the Guatemalan Gov't didn't really care about what happened to them and they were the people that the Guerrillas would kill just to scare the Army. Their goal was to get what they wanted which was more land and money and power. They wanted a say in something. Also, they wanted their presidential candidate to be elected for president so that they could get some help and be heard as a voice for once.

The Guerrillas : There prospective was the rebels. They were the ones that were completely against the Guatemalan Gov't and everything they did. Their goal was to take over Guatemala because they didn't like the government. They want want to make Guatemala into their own mosaic.

The Arm & Wealthy : The Army and Wealthy's goal is that they want to have there candidate be elected for president. They want to eliminate the guerrillas so they can stop harassing their country.

My experience in Bullets and Ballets

My experience in this game was strange, complicated and fun. I had to cooperate with the Army and Wealthy, the Guatemalan Gov't and the peasants. We and to cooperate with each other so we could get stuff done. Everyone had conflicts and solutions. We made treaties and so did other groups. My group was very small so we all had to participate and make the effort to come up with solutions to our problems. But in the end we got everything that we wanted.

Bullets and Ballets proved Enduring Understanding

Yes I do absolutely think that this simulation did prove enduring understanding. This game had conflict and it had cooperation. But for the most part cooperation because a lot of social groups in the game together as one and join forces and to help each other out. I was in the U.S social group and we came together as one and combined forces and created a solution that we all agreed with. In all situations I think cooperation is much better than conflict . ALWAYS cooperation is better. The less stress the better.

Explaining Enduring Understanding through the real world

So in the real world for an example I am going to use ISIS. They don't want to cooperate with the U.S nor any other country in the world that is being harassed by them. They just want to make it so that they can take over countries and make them like their mosaic when other countries don't want that. So the other countries fight it. They only like conflict. ZERO cooperation is in the minds of Isis people. All they think of is what kinds of problems (conflicts) can we create now to really get other countries mad. But in their eyes, the people that like Isis see them as hero's and that they are doing the best thing for humanity.

Connections between real world examples and my experience with the simulation

I am going to use Isis for this example once again. When Isis bombed Paris, they very much hurt their society and the U.S dd not want to the France suffer in the pain of Isis's terrorist bombings. So the U.S wanted to step in and help France with their hard times. But they said no, don't step in we want to deal with this ourselves. But even though the U.S didn't step in there was still cooperation between the two countries. The connection between this and the simulation is that when the U.S made a treaty with the Army and Wealthy and the Peasants, we came together as one and tried to defeat the Guerrillas which are the terrorists in this situation. But the point is that the cooperation between the U.S and the Army and Wealthy and the Peasants. We helped each other put and that was cooperation.

Enduring Understanding connection to my life

Conflicts that I have with my family is us arguing all of the time. We always argue about something yet we still get along a lot because we find cooperation and we settle it out and then we become coll with each other again. The connection the enduring understanding is that we used cooperation to solve our conflicts.

My life enduring understanding connection to the enduring understanding in the simulation

Once again me and my family fight a lot and we still are able to resolve our conflicts with each other because we cooperate with each other. That was the same thing as the arguments we had with the other groups to make a treaty that we could both agree on.

6 word story

It seems that power is everything.