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Midwest Sperm Bank is the largest sperm bank in the Midwest, and is registered and inspected by the FDA to guarantee its high quality donor sperm standards. Clients to the sperm bank are assured highly educated donors who meet stringent screening requirements. Compared to other sperm banks, Midwest Sperm Bank guarantees the most total motile sperm per vial.

Midwest Sperm Bank - Thorough Screening Process

When it comes to selecting donor sperm, recipients are often looking for the best quality specimens available. With sperm banks being the suitable avenue to make such selections, the screening and testing process of potential donors is an aspect that sperm banks have invested much into. Indeed, sperm banks implement lower acceptance rates than those of Ivy League schools.

Midwest Sperm Bank, the largest sperm bank in the Midwest region, subjects each potential donor to a rigorous screening process that takes as much as eight weeks. In addition to completing a comprehensive personal profile that captures a four-generation family medical genetic history and a psychological profile, applicants have to be tested for just about every recessive genetic mutation known.

While some might find the process long, Midwest Sperm Bank knows that implementing rigorous testing standards goes a long way in helping prospective mothers achieve the dreams of motherhood. Besides, Midwest Sperm Bank also happens to have the highest standards of quality across the country: more than 20 million total motile sperm per vial and more than 30% post-thaw motility rates. In addition, the professionals at Midwest Sperm Bank endeavor to know the accepted donors on a personal level, so they have more insights into their personalities and nature than what is on the donor profiles.

Midwest Sperm Bank understands that the decision to be a mother is one of the most important that women make in their lives, and it is dedicated to ensuring that the process of choosing the right specimen is positive and rewarding.

Midwest Sperm Bank - A Brief History of the Industry

Midwest Sperm Bank has been in business since 1998, is registered by the FDA and subject to screening guidelines implemented by the American Association of Tissue Banks and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, among others. Since its establishment, Midwest Sperm Bank has worked tirelessly to ensure the needs of prospective mothers are met at all times, mainly in providing the highest standards of quality control and assurance with regards to all cryopreserved donor sperm.

Worldwide, the growth of sperm banks has been driven the desire of many individuals wishing to become parents being unable to conceive naturally. Such people find conception difficult due to sterility or reduced fertility, among many other reasons. Thus, sperm banks emerge as the best solution to find suitable sperm to make dreams of motherhood come true.

The use of sperm donors to aid with conception efforts started as far back as the 18th century, but it wasn’t until the 20th century that advancements in modern technology made the screening, freezing and storage of sperm gained ground. Notably, the discovery of glycerol as a suitable freezing sperm freezing method ensured that sperm stayed healthy longer.

Most work in cryopreservation of donor sperm can be traced back to Jerome K. Sherman’s early 1950’s work as a doctoral candidate at the University of Iowa. His research on freezing and thawing of sperm led to the establishment of sperm banks as an option for human conception. While cultural acceptance of the idea of sperm banks took a while, the sperm bank industry has grown in bounds since.

Midwest Sperm Bank - Speaking to Sperm Donors

With the growth of sperm banks as suitable options for human conception, more individuals are realizing the benefits that come with signing up to become sperm donors. While the financial compensation is big factor, the knowledge of having helped a prospective mother have a family is rewarding on its own. Also, sperm banks take the time to know the donors on a personal level during the process, which is always a nice gesture of appreciation.

Midwest Sperm Bank, while actively seeking sperm donors from Chicago, endeavors to make the process easy for all potential donors. They also educate the donors on the big responsibility they have signed up for. See, the donation program is a relatively lengthy process, taking up to eight weeks for donor candidates who meet the stringent screening requirements. Thus, potential donors are expected to honor their obligation throughout the duration of the program, and be available for medical testing.

The staff at Midwest Sperm Bank understand that potential donors have lives outside of the program, which is why they come up with a flexible schedule that works in both parties’ favor. Moreover, donors are not expected to assume responsibility for the resultant offspring conceived through their submitted samples.

Midwest Sperm Banks seeks to assure all potential sperm donors that all information they submit is kept confidential. Donor files are kept under the highest levels of security and access restricted to only authorized personnel. Under MSB’s anonymity policy, both the donor and recipient must sign consent agreements that “specifically acknowledge the anonymity and confidentiality between all parties.”

Midwest Sperm Bank - Successful Business

Midwest Sperm Bank’s professionals have taken on themselves a big responsibility: helping prospective mothers accomplish their dreams of raising a family. Thus, the professionals have done everything possible to ensure clients have the selection of the highest quality sperm specimen, in addition to providing support and guidance at every step of the way.

MSB works with single women, heterosexual couples and lesbians from diverse racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds. All through the process, the staff is committed to providing a positive experience that eventually results in a successful pregnancy. Whether its fielding questions or making the sperm donor selection process an easier one through Photo Assisted Selection, Midwest Sperm Bank has the resources and staff necessary to make the journey a satisfactory one.

Because Midwest Sperm Bank’s main priority is to make motherhood dreams come true, they take the time to rigorously screen every potential donor that signs up. The screening standards are not their own, rather those set by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, the American Association of Tissue Banks, and the FDA. The majority of its donors are highly educated, and mainly comprise college and university students.

The donor screening process is a thorough one, with less than 5% of all applicants ending up as sperm donors. Whittling down the candidates is necessary if Midwest Sperm Bank is to maintain its guarantee of 20 million total motile sperm per vial and a minimum of 30% post-thaw motility rate, which are both the highest standards across the nation.

To view a complete list of MSB’s donor catalog, prospective clients can check the company’s website at no fee or contract requirement.