America Needs YOU For President!

Courtney Pfister

Why would I want to be President?

The question should be: Why WOULDN'T I want to be President?

The President of the United States is a cherished, coveted, and respected position. It offers many amazing benefits and opportunities that individuals have strived for ever since America's founding. You have the chance to reap these benefits and bring prosperity to our great nation by becoming the next President! Do you have what it takes?

Am I eligible?

This is a VERY important factor of becoming the next president. There are requirements that must be met in order to lead this great nation:
  • At least 35 years old
  • Born in the United States
  • Lived in the United States for at least 14 years

What are the rights, responsibilities, and duties of being President?

Chief Executive- The President is in charge of the 15 cabinet departments, which consist of thousands of people. The President also has the very important power of Executive Order. Executive Order is the rule of command that has force of law. He/she is able to do this WITHOUT Congress's permission. Therefore, if the President has an amazing idea that will have difficulties going through Congress, he/she can do it by themselves. However, it is a lot of responsibility, so the order must be reasonable and logical, and the power is limited.

Party Leader- As President of the United States, he/she is also the leader of the political party you represent. With this title, you can select the national chairperson of your political party.

Economic Leader- The President deals with several economic issues throughout their term. These include: unemployment rate, inflation, and high taxes. The President also plans the federal government's budget every year.

Head of State- This is more of a ceremonial role. The President is a living symbol of the United States, so he/she represents America at special occasions and ceremonies.

Legislative Leader- The President has a huge role in the lawmaking system. He/She must sign bills into law, and has the power to veto laws as well. The President also leads Legislative program with the annual State of the Union Address, which highlights the President's plans for the year.

Commander-in-chief- All military operations are controlled by the President. In addition, only the President can send troops in, not Congress!

Chief Diplomat- The President serves the esteemed role of directing foreign policy. He/She also has executive agreement, which is agreements with foreign leaders that are not approved by Congress. Take that, Legislative Branch!

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What are the compensation and benefits?

The President has many benefits and is generously compensated. These benefits include:

  • Free travel to Camp David, which is a vacation spot
  • A fleet of special cars
  • Helicopters
  • Airplanes


  • $400,000 salary per year
  • Extra money for expenses and travel

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There are so many advantages to being President! Even George Washington is asking you, WHY NOT?