English I Honors Poetry Project

By: Sammy Mould

End Of April

Phillis Levin

Under a cherry tree (A)
I found a robin’s egg, (B)
broken, but not shattered. (C)

I had been thinking of you, (D)
and was kneeling in the grass (E)
among fallen blossoms (F)

when I saw it: a blue scrap, (G)
a delicate toy, as light (H)
as confetti (I)

It didn’t seem real, (J)
but nature will do such things (K)
from time to time. (L)

I looked inside: (M)
it was glistening, hollow, (N)
a perfect shell (O)

except for the missing crown, (P)
which made it possible (Q)
to look inside. (R)

What had been there (S)
is gone now (T)
and lives in my heart (U)

where, periodically, (V)
it opens up its wings, (W)
tearing me apart. (X)

Free Verse


"End of April has a nostalgic tone. Phillis Levin uses phrases such as "a perfect shell", "broken, but not shattered", and "I had been thinking of you" to relate how she remembers her past. She remembers the times she had with a past love that has ended and she learned that she misses these experiences and that she enjoys the memories that come flooding back to her.


The theme of "End of April" is to cherish the memories you have of something or someone that has left instead of dwelling on the absence of that special thing. At the beginning of "End of April", Phillis tells us about how she found a robin egg and remembers someone from her past. As the poem unfolds we learn about how that person is no longer there but the memories that she has of that person are still there and sometimes they cause her pain.

Poem 2

"Days Gone Past"

By: Cindy Jorgenson

I think often of the days gone past (A)

Deep in my memory where I know they will last. (A)

Let’s take a walk in the woods so near. (B)
Listen, listen do you hear? (B)
The rustle of leaves,(C)
Birds, flying, chirping,(D)
Little animals scurry to and fro, (E)
The smell of wood smoke on (F)
Cold fall days. (G)
I lift up my face to the suns golden rays. (G)
My memories they still stay.(H)
With a light happy step and a big wide smile, (I)
Let’s sit, let’s talk for a long, long while. (I)
My memories are wonderful of days gone past. (J)
Lets sit I’ll share them with you at last.(J)


"Days Gone Past" has a sentimental tone. Cindy Jorgenson uses words and phrases such as "My memories are wonderful of days gone past", "Lets sit ill share them with you ate last", "deep in my memory where I know they will last", and "a light happy step and a big wide smile" to describe how she remembers times she had in the past and they bring her joy. Cindy states that her memories will always be with her and that she wishes to share them with someone so that they might understand and enjoy the stories she has to tell of days gone past.


The theme of "Days Gone Past" is to never forget your past and to always cherish the memories you have had with loved ones and friends and to share your stories with others so that they might live on when you are gone. In the beginning of the poem, Cindy Jorgenson that she remembers her past and that she will always have those memories with her until she dies. As the story unfolds, she describes one of her memories that had ben brought to mind by the way nature around her is behaving. At the end of "Days Gone Past" she says "My memories are wonderful of days gone past Let's sit I'll share them with you today.", this is stating that it is good to remember the past and to share your experiences with others for they might learn something from them.