The Kennedy Assassination

Sara Albert


The assassination of John F Kennedy is a day that will live forever etched in our nations mind. Using this project I want to show the depth of knowledge and understanding we can gleam from one tragic day in history. The topics that can be brought to light using the assassination are numerous and include: The Bay of Pigs, The Cuban Missile Crisis, The Civil Rights Movement and the Mafia, just to name a few. Through the lens of the assassination we get a better picture of what life was like during the early 1960's.
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President Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy riding through downtown Dallas in the open top limo.


Zapruder Film Slow Motion (HIGHER QUALITY)
The Zapruder film, that showed the President being shot.


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Lee Harvey Oswald and his wife.


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Jack Ruby shoots Oswald while Oswald is being transferred. Ruby later said it was to save Jackie from the ordeal of a trial.


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Lyndon B Johnson is inaugurated by Judge Sarah T Hughs


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After the president was shot Jackie climbed onto the back of the car to grab pieces of his skull. Later at the hospital she would hand them to the Doctor, and when asked about doing this Jackie remembered nothing.


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This is where the Bay of Pigs attack happened.


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Cuban exiles became prisoners to Cuba. They had been caught during the Bay of Pigs Attack.


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John Jr. Salutes his father as the casket passes by. The day of the funeral was also John Jr's third Birthday.


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Kennedy's gravesite at Arlington National Cemetery The eternal flame commemorates the effect that Kennedy had on the nation.