April 25, 2043


Hi my name is Sadie Walton, from Energy Labs Inc. and I have just made a breakthrough discovery in the realm of energy. I have just unlocked the secret to using nuclear fusion as an energy source. I found a way to control large scale nuclear fusion reactions and produce powerful energy as a result.


Fusion is the process that heals the Sun and all other stars, where atomic nuclei collide together and release energy in the form of neutrons. Nuclear fusion is one of the most promising options for generating large amounts of carbon-free energy in the future. Nuclear fusion and nuclear fission differ greatly. In fission, an atom is split into two or more smaller, lighter atoms. Fusion, on the other hand, occurs when two or more smaller atoms fuse together, creating a larger, heavier atom


From a saftey standpoint, nuclear fusion poses no risk of a runaway nuclear reaction. It is very hard to get the fusion reaction started in the first place that it can be quickly stopped by eliminating the injection of fuel. Fusion power plants should provide a base load supply of large amounts of electricity, at costs that are estimated to be broadly similar to other energy sources. This means that other more expensive energy sources could be eliminated and replaced with nuclear fusion. This energy source costs the same amount but produces much more energy, leading to economic benefit on a global scale.