The Boston Spectator


Five killed in boston!

on a very cold night in march in the year 1770. English soldiers were on duty in front of the customs house. then a group of colonist were trying to start trouble. they started throwing snowballs and rocks at the men guarding the customs house. The soldiers had no other choice than to fire into the crowd. Five colonist were killed, Among them was Crispus Attucks, the first African American to die in a battle. Many colonist are saying this was a massacre, but is that true?


The proclamation was issued October 7th, 1763. it was thought of when delegates from twelve of the thirteen colonies met at Carpenter's hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Delagates were to have a meeting to talk about the intolerable acts. the only colony that didn't send a representative is Georgia. later Peyton randolph, a delegate from Virginia was elected the first president of congress. The main goal of the meeting was to seem like united colonies so Britain would restore their rights.


the sons of liberty disguised themselves as indians and hopped aboard a brittish cargo ship filled with tea, the Tea Party happened on December 16, 1773, The Tea was imported from china, it was docked a griffins Wharf, the ships included the darthmoth, beaver, and eleanor. this act detroyed a total of 342 crates of tea, the total damage was about €10,000