The Process of Mountain building


What is Orogeny

Orogeny is the process in which mountains are formed. During the process of Orogeny, two continents or land masses collided. The two plates push a against each other and because they are of equal force, neither submerges. Instead they push upward and that is how a mountain is form

Three main types of mountain formation:

Block, Fold, and Volcanic.

Block Formation:

This type of mountain is formed when a layer of rock cracks open or splits apart, creating two or more blockish styled rock. Cracks in the rock are called faults. The way faults can be created causing block mountains to form, is if the Earths crust gets stretched, squashed, or even twisted. From this the blocks of rock are able to move location. These rocks can move up, down, sideways, or tilt.

Chief Mountain in Montana is a common Block mountain

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Fold Formation:

This type of mountain is formed rom converging plates. When two plates are pushed towards one another, the layers can crumple up and fold. This creates wave like forms of rock. The rocks can either fold upward or fold downward.

This Fold mountain is located in the Canadian Rockies.

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Volcanic Formation:

This type of mountain is formed from magma. When magma tries to release out of the crust but is unable to, the magma continues to push the crust upward until the magma hardens. The structure of this type of mountain is normally dome-like.

This is a half dome shape formed from magma which is located in Sierra, Nevada.

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