Change in Speakers Over Time

From time of invention to now

It all started with the Horn (No for sure date)

Horns were the first ever form on amplification. It didn't involve electricity and was simple to make. It would take a quiet sound and spread it out to sound louder. Thomas Edison, Magnavox, and Victrola all helped develope advanced horns from 1880 to the 1920's, but they still didnt have much effect.
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Oliver Dodges Loud Speaker (1898)

The development for the loud speaker took quite some time, there were many people with the right idea but just couldn't get it perfect, at the time this was big news. Dodges was trying to improve the loud speaker that was used back then by using nonmagnetic spacers to keep outflow for the speaker therefore increasing its volume, it was a success but there were still room for some improvements.
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The First Modern Loud Speaker (1921)

This was a revolution in the world of speakers. It was the first to use electricity and it sounded much louder than the "horn" style speakers. These were popular in many bars, salons, and restaurants. Instead of previous speakers it had multiple outputs for different ranges of sounds. It also had an electric amplification system.
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