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A belief System not a religion. Founded by Sidhartha in India and moved to all over Asia. Based on the belief in Reincarnation and Karma as well as the 4 Noble Truths and The Eightfold Path. The believer must follow the Middle Way to avoid suffering and selfish desires.
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A religion based on the belief in on God. Abraham made an agreement with God and this is called the Covenant. The Torah is the Holy Book and is also the the first 5 books of the Old Testament. Jews believe that their Savior has not come yet. The 10 Commandments are their guide for living. The religion starts in the Middle East and has spread around the world.
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This is a belief system or a way of life based on the ideas of a scholar named Confucious. The main beliefs are that each person has a role to fill in society based on the 5 relationships. Each relationship has a superior and Inferior person based on Age and Gender. The superiors are suppose to set good examples for the Inferiors. Filial Piety is the Value of respecting parents, teachers and elders. If everyone does their part in the system then society will run smoothly.
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Hinduism started in India by a group of invaders called the Arrayans. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion with many gods and sacred animals. Hindus believe that life on Earth happens more than once this is called Reincarnation. Each person is born into a Caste, or social class. Each caste has it's own set of rules to live life by this is called a Dharma. Karma is the Hindu belief that each person action, words and thoughts will dictate their future. The holy book of the Hindus are called the Vedas but they have several other holy books like the Upanishads. Most Hindus are vegetarians and practice non-violence. Hinduism did not spread around Asia like many other religions, probably because of the Caste System and it's restrictions.

The Daily Life of A Hindu

A hindu is effected by Hinduism at birth, Each Hindu is born into a Caste which dictates their social position in Indian society. This positioning is determined by their Karma and Dharma in their last life. Because their is no social mobility in Hinduism a Hindu must stay in this caste until death. It determines where they can live, who they can marry and what occupation they have. On a daily basis a Hindu must follow the rules of their caste this is called their Dharma. Every day a Hindu probably makes decisions based on the idea of Karma. Being a good person will determine what caste aHindu will be in in their next life. Other beliefs of Hinduism influence their daily life as well such as Reincarnation. If you were going to live more than one life i'm sure it would change how you make decisions. Hindu's are polytheistic so they worship many gods and sacred animals. They are vegetarian and most are also non-violent. This would change what most people eat and how they react to conflict. Life as a Hindu would definitely be different than life as an American.

Holy Books of Hinduism

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Hindu creation story

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