Week Two

Linguistics and Structuralism

Looking Back - Going Forward,

Our Week 1 focus was on New Criticism and Russian Formalism.

Although they have different purposes, the core of the theories focused on the scientific methods of analyzing any text. Searching for key literary features, like paradox and irony, the subjective views of history, personal response, and psychology were deemed irrelevant.

This week, we progress to linguistics and structuralism.

Akin to Week 1, Linguistics and Structuralism focus upon the text. Unlike Week 1, however, this week's theories bring attention to noun phrases, verb phrases, and sentence types.

Overall, the Week 1 and 2 theories provide options on different ways to view the text, not to analyze the hidden meanings.

-- Thinking Forward -- The Shapiro Library

During your college and professional career, finding credible information is very important. Your clients, patients, and personal knowledge are cemented upon knowing fact and theories.

Clearly communicating what you know, which is what this course highlights, is invaluable. If the receiver cannot understand you, what does it matter what you're saying?

But how do you know what you're communicating is factual and not your own? Why should anyone believe your opinion if there isn't support the bases of the opinion is actually true?

That's where the Shaprio Library comes in!
The Shapiro Library, home to over 100 credible databases with sources that range from magazines, to books, to journals, will be the go-to source of information - not only as a student but also as an advancing professional.

-- Trust, once broken, can never be fully healed. It is your professional duty to provide the most informative and factional information possible. The Shapiro Library is key to gaining and keeping that trust.

Assignments and tasks

  • 2-1 Discussion: Theory in Everyday Life: Linguistics and Structuralism
  • 2-2 Final Project I Milestone One: Selection of Theories and Text

Since this is the first step towards our final project, please make sure to read and follow the directions carefully, use the link provided in the milestone, and review the rubric for grading criteria.

Don't be afraid to complete a little outside search for information. For example, if two theories have your attention, feminism and psychoanalysts, but you're not complete sure what these mean or imply, search Youtube for credible videos that could provide additional information within a few short minutes.

For this assignment, please provide a complete and well-reasoned reflection as to why you chose the theories and how the analysis, based upon your chosen theories, will provide information about the entire text.

Additionally, don't forget I'm here! Let me be your sounding board and help you make the opening decisions that will lead you to a successful term.

8. Semiotics and Structuralism
9. Linguistics and Literature