Andrew Jackson

Hero to Zero?

Killing the National Bank

Jackson felt that the Nation Bank was unconstitutional even though it was necessary and proper. When Jackson was re-elected he made the choice to veto the National Bank and shut it down. He felt the National Bank was unfair to the common-man, only giving out loans to the rich and making it more difficult for the poor to financially get on their feet.

Political Cartoon

In this political cartoon it shows us how Jackson used power to shut down the National Bank. This shows us how much damage he had done. In this political cartoon is shows he only used a a document. Most people in the cartoon were in shock. Jackson though the National bank was only harming America.

Spoils System

Andrew Jackson often gave his supporters and contributors a job after he was elected. When his re-election time came more people would give in and support his re-election. Some would support and get a job soon after for it. It was likely this damaged the economy due to employee's being inexperienced.

Political Cartoon

This political cartoon shows us how even if they didn't have experience Jackson would still hire them. When Jackson was going up for president people would support and donate money and time for a job after he was elected. Jackson Didn't care about experience. He also didn't care about what they did or didn't do wrong during the job.

Indian Removal Act

The Indian removal act started with Georgia and it's area wanting the Native Americans to leave. They planned on sending them to Oklahoma instead. Because Jackson knew he would benefit form their land he went in on it. The supreme court told Jackson that it was illegal to do so but Jackson ignored it and went along with it.

Political Cartoon

This political cartoon above shows us how the Native Americans knew that the land that they were given wasn't good and how Jackson just wanted to benefit off their land. Even though the Supreme court said it was illegal they went along with it. Jackson decided to ignore all calls against it. Most Native Americans didn't want the land they were given.

Who would benefit? Who wouldn't?

Spoils System - Positive - Northerners - This was because they had the must money to donate. Meaning they would get the jobs from Jackson quicker.

- I am a Northerner and I have a ton of extra money to donate to Jackson, I guess that means I get a job now. I know I have no experience but surely he wont care. I should tell my friends and family as well help them with a job too. Jackson just wants the money and votes really.

Killing the National Bank - Negative - Southerners - This is because they had no money so they couldn't get loans form the National bank

- I am a southerner and I have no money. So now the National bank is refusing to give me any loans to help me out. They give out to the rich because its guaranteed they pay back. But they wont give us a chance to show we can handle the money well. I guess they don't trust us.