By Aliya Charles and Ashantie Thomas

How Scabies are transmitted

They are transmitted by skin to skin contact and can appear anywhere on the body . It can be sexual and non sexual-contact

The types of symptoms Scabies produce

It causes extreme itching and a pimply rash. The itching can be very bad at night and it worse at night than the day.There are sores from itching and

Crusted scabies is a severe cases where 100 to 1,000 mites are inside your skin. (normal scabies only have 15-20 mites). They develop in people with weak immune systems due to medical conditions.They develop when the person body can not develop any resistance, without the resistance the mites can quickly multiply. Crusted scabies is widespread crust on the skin. These crusts tend to be thick, crumble easily and have grayish color to it.
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How to prevent Scabies and What to do if you get Scabies

Scabies is most protected by not having sex at all and becoming monogamous with one long-term partner without the disease. This disease is spread through skin to skin contact even non-sexual, and condoms will not protect you from getting scabies.

Curing scabies is rather easy to get rid of by using pharmaceutical scabicide drugs,there hasn't been any approved effective preparation that had been proved to eliminate scabies and there are no home remedies that have been effective.

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How does the Scabies affect the health of an unborn child

Scabies will not affect the unborn child, however, you should ask your doctor about if the treatment will affect you baby and what treatment should you use.



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