PE1_iMovie Working Backwards

Snap to the Beat


I was excited about the chance to incorporate the iMovie knowledge into my videos, it took more time to sit and watch than it did for me to just scroll through and find the concept that I was looking for. I got through this entire presentation and I thought it was fun, he did not go over the effects that can be applied to the iMovie videos, I would have liked to see those, but I also enjoyed that when he used tools he showed of the possible options and outcomes. For the last class I made my son some videos and I wanted to learn how to use the snap to beats effect.


I found an iMovie song to utilize within the video and then I added the music to the project screen and clicked on the clip trimmer.

Big image


I then found pictures in the pictures menu and chose them from iPhoto and Facebook. I didn't edit much of the video I wanted to learn about the beat markers specifically.

Big image


I published this video to Youtube and Broadcasted myself (pun is intended, but is that really a pun?)