All About Tustin and Currie

Tustin (fun facts):

I think Tustin is one of the best cities to live in when you're in California. Sadly, unlike most places in the world it doesn't snow here. Tustin was chosen in 2009 as one of the top 25 towns to live well in the U.S by Forbes which is pretty cool. As of 2010, our population is 75,540 which I think is a lot since our city isn't that big unlike most cities. As of now, our mayor is Al Murray. Our city motto is "city of trees" since we have a lot of trees.

Currie Middle School (Fun Facts):

I think my middle school is a pretty fun school to attend. Currie Middle School was nominated as a 2013 California Blue Ribbon School. We have a population of about 660 students or more. We are called Currie Cougars and we are also called Big Cats since we also have an elementary school next to us and their mascot is a panther. Currie received the 2013 Honor Roll title because of our excellent test scores. Last but not least, our mascot is a cougar.