Groveland Elementary School

Paw Print Newsletter - Spring 2016

Spring Happenings at Groveland

We hope this newsletter finds our Groveland community doing well and enjoying the season of Spring. As of today, we have officially finished our PSSA assessments for all levels. Our students have been working hard and enjoying the "no homework" weeks. We are thrilled that the weather has cooperated and has allowed our students the opportunity to be outside playing having fun, as children should. I know at my house, my own children loved that opportunity of no homework, too.

As we enter into the 4th marking period, we will continue to help our students thrive and finish the school year strongly. Warmer weather is upon us and with that, spring sports, concerts, and other activities fill our schedules, too. At school, many of our spring time traditions continue. We are looking forward to sharing those with our school community. Mark your calendars for the upcoming field trips highlighted on the Dates to Remember section.

6th Grade Assessment:

Beginning this week, our 6th grade students are participating in a culminating research based performance assessment. Be sure to check your child's homeroom schedule to see your child's specific dates. Best of luck to our students as they pull together all of the skills and knowledge they have learned throughout their elementary school years.

Student Placement Forms for 2016-2017:

If you have special considerations you would like us to take into account for your child's placement next year, please complete a student placement form and return it to Mr. Heineman or Mrs. Fantaskey by Monday, May 2nd. Requests for consideration will not be honored after May 2nd.

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A special thank you to all of our students and visitors who have allowed our resident mallard to nest her eggs peacefully in our Groveland Memorial Garden. Please continue to respect her space. Thank you to Connor Sokol for helping to guard the area while students are arriving.

Absence Reporting - Email Address

If your child will be absent from school, please report the absence by sending an email to

Registration - 2016-2017 School Year

Central Registration continues to accept registrations for the upcoming school year. If you, or someone you know, has a child to register for kindergarten or grades 1-6 for next year, please contact Central Registration. As we start to plan for next school year's enrollment, having accurate numbers is very helpful.

Dates to Remember

Groveland's upcoming events can be found on our latest Dates to Remember. Be sure to mark your calendars!

Groveland Garden

Thank you to all of our students, teachers, and parent volunteers who have been working the past several weeks in our garden. We are excited to see the results of this year's harvest.

Jump Rope for Heart

Groveland Elementary is participating in Jump Rope for Heart again this year! This fundraiser supports the American Heart Association to help fund research and education for many cardiovascular diseases. Your child should have brought home a parent letter and donation envelope (see attached parent letter). During the week of May 2nd-6th, your child will be jump-roping during their scheduled gym time. Please donate to this wonderful organization and cause.

Check out and search for Groveland to submit online donations. All donations are due WEDNESDAY MAY 11th.

Classroom Updates

Miss Janoski, 2nd Grade Student Teacher

How exciting to know that Miss Liz Janoski, our 2nd grade student teacher in Mrs. Abert's class was a very successful contestant on the Wheel of Fortune! We hope you enjoy reading about her experience! Thank you, Liz, for sharing this exciting adventure with your Groveland family.

Counselor's Corner

March Boomerang

Please make sure to congratulate MICHAEL SANSALONE (6th Grade / Guelzow) for winning our March Boomerang Award!

(Asset #17: Creative Activities) Michael received two separate nominations this month!

#1: “Michael is a kid who loves to perform. He was ecstatic when Mr. Reilley chose him to sing the National Anthem at the Holiday Sing-a-long. For such a little body, he has a booming voice. Michael also looks forward to Thursdays because that’s the night of his musical theatre class. He has to audition and perform as part of this class and he loves it! He definitely is a 6th grader who has the music in him!”

#2: “For the Boomerang Asset in March, I would like to nominate Michael Sansalone-6th grade (Guelzow). Michael participates in drama outside of school and loves to sing. He performs in shows, spends time practicing weekly, and is dedicated to his club. He makes sure that if he has a long rehearsal approaching that he has his homework completed in advance so that his shows do not interfere with his academic work. Music and drama are a part of Michael, he loves to sing and perform and often hums quietly to himself. Michael introduces his classmates to new songs and loves to get everyone singing a favorite of his- Michael brings a happiness to the class through music. Michael has a warm and loving personality; he is always animated! Michael is a pleasure to work with, and his creative love for music shines through in many aspects of his school day.”

Congratulations to all of our March Boomerang nominees:

  • John Craig (Sparhawk/6th)

  • Autumn Kuriger (Ordile/5th)

  • Chelsea Mascioli (Moyer/5th)

  • Sophie Schenkel (Moyer/5th)

  • Evan Hee (Guelzow/6th)

  • Maddie Seipp (Guelzow/6th)

  • Paloma Barker (Kraenbring/1st)

  • Trevor Kopelow (Bannon/1st)

April Boomerang

Please be sure to congratulate CAROLINE FUNSETH (6th/Jackson) for winning our April Boomerang Award.

Caroline Funseth: (6th Grade/Jackson)

“Caroline Funseth is a 6th grade student at Groveland Elementary School who has always been an active and involved child. She embraces school, and the art of dance and music. This year we have seen her creativity flourish in her writing and believe it is a result of her choice to become an avid reader.

This year, Caroline chose to join her school’s Reading Olympic Team for the Bucks County event on April 7th. What started as an “assignment” to read a list of chapter books became an opportunity to dive into the power of a story. Considering how busy she is after school with homework and her dance company, Caroline always made time to read at night. As a result, she had a successful night on April 7th being a contributing member of her team, but most importantly, having a positive effect on her self-esteem and maintaining a personal schedule.

This enthusiasm also impacted her time spent reading with her younger sisters: Helping them appreciate the joy of a good book and an opportunity to connect positively as siblings, showing them her love by reading aloud before bed, and modeling/teaching by example. The pleasure of reading has positively impacted Caroline in so many ways this year!”

Asset #25: Reading for Pleasure

Congratulations to all of our April Boomerang nominees:

  • Alexandra (Lexie) Young (Guelzow/6th)

  • Emery Foster (Flanagan/2nd)

  • Joshua Baker (Francis/5th)

  • Sophia Antunes (Bannon/1st)

  • Christopher Bannon (Moyer/5th)

  • Isabella Seraydarian (McGovern/4th)

  • Lukas Barker (Taggart/5th)

  • Kathryn Malobisky (5th/Taggart)

  • Kate Wagner (Taggart/5th)

  • Jack Nelson (Moran/4th)

  • Connor Wells (Swan/3rd)

  • Cadence Lawlor (Moran/4th)

  • Lauren Quinn (Moran/4th)

  • Grace Craig (Moran/4th)

  • Matthew Boell (Swan/3rd)

  • Mailli McCarthy-Fisher (Szemanek/3rd)

May Boomerang Nominations

Asset #15 Positive Peer Influence: Young person has chosen best friends who model responsible behavior. Their friends make good choices and are a positive influence.

If you would like to nominate your child or another student for the May Boomerang Award, please complete the nomination form and return it to Ms. Moss by May 13th.

Art News

Courthouse Art Show Participants

The Doylestown Courthouse Arts Show was held in March and several of our students had their artwork chosen to be on display at the Courthouse.

Congratulations to the following artists:

  • Yana Buelens

  • Jodi Donahue

  • Caleb Galloway

  • Molly Jones

  • Hannah Maughan

  • Tony Sacco

  • Yarkci Valenzuela

Groveland Home & School

Groveland's Color Run

Groveland's First Color Run will take place on Wednesday, May 11th at 5:30 PM, as a culminating activity to our running club this year. Registration is ending on Monday, May 2nd. All runners registered by MONDAY, MAY 2nd will receive a tie-dye t shirt!! Make this a night for the family. We need parents and older siblings to volunteer to douse the runners with color!! Be ready to have fun with your family, classmates, and teachers! Thank you to all of our parents and volunteers who have helped to make this year's running club and color run a fun event for all.

Father/Daughter Dance

The Father Daughter Dance will take place on Friday, May 6th. Thank you to the many volunteers who have worked to make this a successful event for our students.

Student Recognition

A Replica of Groveland

Groveland students, Brianna Boxman and Kacey Sohanic made a special present for Mr. Heineman - a replica of Groveland Elementary!
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Random Act of Kindness Award

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Last month, Michael Langburd was recognized by Mr. Heineman with the Random Acts of Kindness Award. Michael was nominated by Mrs. Slack, our cafeteria manager. When going through the breakfast line, Michael shared with Mrs. Slack how much he appreciates all she does. Thank you, Michael, for helping to make Groveland a friendly and caring place.

Summer Learning Opportunities

If you are interested in learning opportunities for your children for this summer, please check out the Summer Opportunities on the Central Buck Website. Parent information for Camp Benchmark is also available on the website.

CB Aquatics Program

Summer Swim Lessons

This summer swim lessons will be offered at Central Bucks East High School. Please follow the link to the Community School to see the opportunities offered through the aquatics program.