Leonardo da Vinci

By: Jack Beauchesne


  • Leonardo was born on April 15th, 1452 in Vinci, Italy.
  • He spent most of his time in Milan, Italy.
  • He studied many things having to do with art, like drawing.
  • He was all over the place and would travel to many different places. He was middle class.
  • His patrons were people who liked and supported his artwork.

The Mona Lisa

  • This piece was created between 1503-1506.
  • It is in a museum known as the Louvre in Paris, France.
  • This is da Vinci's most known piece of art. People think it is a very big picture but it is really small.
  • I find this piece interesting because I wonder what's behind her expression.
  • I think this painting represents humanism because da Vinci finds a new way of painting. (Oil on Wood)

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