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Principal's Message

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break and that you were able to relax and spend some quality time with family. The break always seem to fly by so quickly but we are all really glad to be back and in our routines again.

Our core value word this month is teamwork. Knowing how to work as a team is an important life skill for everyone. Just as it is important for our students to know how to work as a team, we feel it is equally important for parents and staff to work as a team to provide the best learning opportunities that we can for our children. We truly value parent input; please feel free to contact your child's teacher or me anytime you have concerns, suggestions, or questions about your child's educational programming.

One important way that we gain parent feedback is through the provincial Accountability Pillar that Alberta Education sends out to all parents of our students in grades 4-6. While it may not seem like an important thing for you to do, please do know that a great deal of value is placed on the information that we gather from these surveys. Because there may be some things they ask that you are unsure of, in the very near future I will be sending out a pamphlet for parents to help you know what it is we do in our school to meet each of the pillars. As always, if there is something you're unsure of, you're always welcome to call or email me to find out more. When answering the questions, please consider things in general about our school (and not the education system as a whole) rather than in specifics. For example, we know that sometimes children break the rules at school and get in trouble, but IN GENERAL, do students of this school typically follow the rules? While it might be tempting to answer some of these questions about the education system as a whole, please answer specifically based on what VPE does. Very often we have a low return rate on these surveys and so many of our decisions (our main focus for the school) are based on these results so the more people that respond, the better information we receive, allowing us to better make improvements that meet the specific needs of our students and families.

This is a very busy month. Keep watch for some of the exciting things that are going to be happening over the next few weeks and we hope to see you at our booknic and family games night. (See below for details!) Here's to a wonderful (and hopefully MUCH warmer from here on out!!) 2020!

Dress for the Weather

Mother Nature is sending us some very chilly weather this week. While we may end up being inside for many indoor recesses, it is important that students dress appropriately for the weather on the off chance that things warm up slightly and we end up going outside. (Sometimes, after being cooped up for several days in a row, we may even send them outside for a couple minutes to burn off some energy and get some much-needed fresh air to re-engage their brains!) Ensuring that the students dress in layers (including having snow pants and warm boots) and making sure they have warm mitts or gloves (not the dollar store mini gloves) and a warm toque is very important.

Annual Family Literacy Day Booknic

Friday, Jan. 24th, 11:30am-12:15pm


Join us for our annual Family Literacy Day Booknic. We will be gathering in the gym to have a picnic and read together in celebration of Family Literacy Day. Students and their families can bring blankets, picnic lunches and their favourite books to read.

Inter-generational Tech Opportunity for Kindergarten

Kindergarten students had a visit from some guests from Chinook Arch Regional Library where they got to try out some Ozobots in an inter-generational project. Thanks to Connie from our local public library for bringing this opportunity to us.


Our skating program has wrapped up in PE for the year. Thanks to everyone who came to help haul equipment, tie skates, provide snacks and help out on the ice. A special thanks to Mr. Kyle Wickstrom who was extra busy on the ice on Thursdays helping with group instruction for both Grade 1/2 and Grade 3/4.If you happen to have any gently used skates or especially helmets that you no longer need, we often have students who need to borrow them and you can drop them off at the school

Christmas Concert

Our 2019 Christmas Concert was another success. It was great to see everyone’s hard work pay off as students did a great job with not only remembering their songs but also the choreography that went with them. Staff, parents and everyone pitched in to help make it run smoothly and we hope that everyone enjoyed the show. Thank you to everyone who supported our Christmas Basket Raffle with the donation of items and purchasing of tickets. This year we raised $1400. Congratulations to all of the winners.

Feast for All

We are so lucky to live in such a generous community. Once again the Vulcan Lions prepared and served us a delicious turkey feast this year. It was so tasty that students even ate their vegetables! They also got Santa here at this very busy time of year to hand out goodie bags. Thank you so much for doing this for our school.

What's New in Grade 1/2

Grade one/two are starting off 2020 with many new units of study in Math, Writing and Phys. Ed.

In mathematics, the children are working on addition and will be doing subtraction in the coming weeks. Some of the strategies the children use are: counting on, making 10 and using doubles. Grade ones should be able to demonstrate understanding of sums to 20 while grade twos are expected to work with sums to 100. We learned about ordinals in December with “The Twelve Days of Christmas” being the perfect song to use to practice ordinals!

December writing activities included letters to Santa and the Grinch. A highlight for the children was having the Grinch write back to them! We received letters in typical Grinch style; full of garbage, green smudges, wrinkled and ripped paper and even some green fur on them!! We were lucky to have grade ⅚ students help read the letters from the Grinch. This week we have begun our unit on opinion writing. Grade one’s and two’s started off writing about their favourite holiday. Over the course of the unit, the students will provide their opinion on various topics and give reasons for their choice. Grade ½ sure seem to have lots of opinions so we are sure to see some interesting writing pieces.

We have started basketball in gym class. The students have been showing off their ball handling skills and can do many tricks with the ball! They are using their arm bar to help protect the ball and they can’t wait to show off how they shoot hoops!

Grade 3/4 Update

December seemed to fly by. We were busy with Christmas concert, Christmas art, beautiful ornaments, skating and all of the regular stuff that we do. Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers for helping with so many special events.

In writing, we were busy sharing our big, bold opinions. We had the chance to share a speech about a change we feel should be made in the school or beyond. We really got to try to convince others by explaining our reasons in more detail. Next up we will start our informational writing, so look forward to that!

In math, we spent December working on graphing. We can read and create lots of graphs including line plots, bar graphs and pictographs. We had lots of fun with surveys to collect data as well. Next up is multiplication so be ready to practice your fast facts.

In science we were busy building all sorts of things. We have a little more building and testing to do before we jump back into social where we will explore quality of life and the traditions and cultures of the various countries that we are learning about.

The break was great, but it is exciting to be back at school with our friends and back to our normal routines. We are looking forward to a great January!

SAVE THE DATE!! Family Math Game Night Coming Soon

Tuesday, Feb. 4th, 5:30pm

Vulcan Prairieview Elementary School

Save the date! We will be hosting our very first FAMILY MATH GAMES NIGHT. We would love to have all of our families join us for a night of socialization, fun and learning. (We are still in the planning stages and will be providing more specific information closer to the event.)

For kids:

  • A great night to be with family and friends
  • A fun way to review and strengthen basic math skills!

For parents:
  • Motivating, simple and economical homework support
  • Strategies, tips and tricks to help your child with math!
Children who feel secure in their math skills have greater self-esteem and greater success in math!

Games reinforce:

  • Counting
  • Basic facts: +,-, x,÷
  • Problem solving
  • Place value

Grade 5/6 News

VPE School Shocks Over 100 People With Their Talented Voices

By: Charlotte and Sabrina

Date: January 8, 2020

Could the students of VPE be future artists? Based on the spectacular Christmas Concert they put on for residents of Vulcan County, the answer is pretty clear.

On December 17, 2019, at 6:30 pm, the school of VPE put on a Christmas Concert at County Central High School in the CRC at Vulcan AB, to spread some Christmas joy for the current residents of Vulcan County.

December 17 was a beautiful night in Alberta, especially in Vulcan. However, the road conditions weren’t the best, but that paid off once you heard the wonderful voices the students that this amazing school had. Everything about it was joyful and fun for the audience to watch. Parent volunteers and teachers from both schools helped set up decorations, which by the way, looked great while students sang for everybody.

Neve U quoted, “Our emcee’s Charlotte and Barrett were spectacular the night of the concert”.

And Miss. Karen, helper of grade ⅚ choir said, “I was very proud of how well everyone did.”

Ms.K, a grade ⅚ teacher quoted, “I think all the students worked very hard and that paid off, the concert was amazing.”

For more information, go to our schools website,

Book Talk

by: Ada + Izzy.w + Vida + Dympna

In grade 5/6 we are doing a thing called book talk. This is a contract that all the grade 5/6 have signed and showed the teacher. All of the classes had to pick a book that the teachers approved. They chose a book that they are interested in reading. After the book is read, we will have our book talk.

A book talk is an event where the students will summarize a book without spoiling it they will also talk about what they liked about the book and disliked about it the purpose is about how to influence others to read your book. It can also help others with aphonia.( also known as stage fright.) It can help children's reading ability way more. All teachers agreed that this would be a great way to help kids find new ways to inspire reading,with books they could be able to read and understand, and expand others interests in their type of books they read, or maybe seeing if they have a new hobby. They may invite the 3/4s to join us and listen to some of our reports, so then some of the grade ¾ get an idea of books they might want to read when they go into grade ⅚.

Vulcan Prairieview Elementary Releases a Christmas store for only $2 each of gifts

By Demir and Wyatt

(Made by the Community The Straight Face inc.)

Around Christmas, a store opened in a nice school with volunteers. They made a store full of Christmas gifts for family and friends. A lot of parents came to help with the Christmas store. They all helped set up tables and got all the gifts set up on the table for the students to purchase gifts for their family. All the students at this school are very thankful for the help. We all appreciate what they have done to help out the school for all the kids, family and friends. They help out everyone in the school and the town. They used all the money to buy gifts for the retirement home, so that everyone can get something for Christmas!

2019 was a very nice year for Christmas at VPE; we all can’t wait for 2020 X-mas store in December. Happy new year have a nice 2020.

Grade 6 math class review to learn more about math!

By:Tyson and Alberto.

In this unit in math the grade 6’s are learning about fractions and how to reduce them.

The VPE 6th grade math teacher this year is Mrs. Helland. She is here to show the students all about fractions. We have been learning about it for almost a month now.

Everybody was having fun learning to do this new unit of math. "I love math and the unit that we are working on," Alberto A. quoted. He was so excited to learn this unit.

This is a new unit to every one and hard for some people. We are trying our best to be better in this unit and also have fun in this subject.

We will be looking forward to the next unit in math. Have fun in MATH! Go on this website for more information about this year.

Grade 5 students are determined to divide

Grade 5 students were dared to start division. Turned out that they were all division wizards.

Neve U , Hailey D & Cayley T

Wednesday , January 8th 2020

Grade 5 students at Vulcan Prairieview have entered a new unit in math- division.They started the unit on January 6th, 2020 . They have made great progress since then.

The first thing they practiced was figuring out how to answer the questions that are related to multiplication facts and learning that division is just backwards multiplication and if you paid attention to our previous unit you would do better in this unit. On the 7th they practiced making up different ways to remember the steps of long division .

Cayley T explains the long division steps in her own words. “ There are many ways to remember the steps to long division, but you need to know these steps. First you divide then multiply then subtract, the last two steps are bringing down and repeat. There is an easy way to remember like Do Mcdonalds Serve Burgers Raw.

Neve U says that she encourages everyone to be positive about learning division.

Ms.Mundy and Ms.K worked really hard on planning our math classes every day . We would like to say a huge thank you . The work they do for us everyday is phenominal . Thanks again to Ms.Mundy and Ms.K.

Alexandria Mundy quoted, "I think division is important and we use it a lot in daily lives. When you plan parties, or organize groups, we divide!”

"All the students are all very enthusiastic and eager to learn division.” said Ms.K.

Division has been great to learn about. Its a great life skill to have and I recommend learning it if you haven’t. Hopefully you get the chance because it will benefit you in the future.

*For extra info visit these links.

Static Voltage vs Current Electricity

By Emily & Dalon

Static Voltage and Current electricity have little to a lot in common. Static Electricity is energy which is all natural. Current Electricity are things like light bulbs, batteries and more man-made things.

Dangers and cautions of electricity.

Caution:Never have water near anything electrical. During lightning storms never be in or near fresh or saltwater - ever. Electricity can sometimes give you a shock.

Current electricity is man made so we can control it better for people in the world. Static electricity is dangerous but fun to look at like lightning storms!

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School Council Meeting

Tuesday, Jan. 21st, 6:30pm

VPE Art Room

All of our parents are welcome and encouraged to attend our next school council meeting at 6:30 pm on January 21st. Attending these meetings is a terrific opportunity for you to have a voice in some of our school programming and to learn more about what is happening in our school and why.
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