Beacon Light Kiddie University

Class begins tomorrow!!


Our Lesson will begin on tomorrow. I am excited about our new school year.

Language Arts:

Parents: Students will begin learning their Consonant sounds this semester. To help the children learn to correlate the letter and sound that begins with the letter t and b; I will have them spell words beginning with the consonant b this week. Please go over the word list ,that I will be sending home. Spelling test will be every Friday.


The first six weeks we will go over Name, sound and Pictures for Ii, Uu, Ee, Aa, Oo, Tt. We will begin with our short vowels sounds.


Letters learned in phonics will be all lower case. Student will use manuscript writing tablets.

Reading Readiness skills:

This will allow students to develope writing readiness, eye-hand coordination, visual perception, and listing and thinking skills.

Social Studies:

Students will learn about community helpers and they impact where they live, and also, how to be leaders in their communities.

Math skills:

The children will begin using concrete objects to represent numbers, compare quantities (such as many, few, none, same, and different); represent and extend patterns, match and identify shapes and sort objects. Problem-solving skills are encoraged and developed throughout the school year as childern work from workbooks and share their thinking about how a problem is solved.


In science children investigate and understand simple patterns in their daily lives by recognizing classroom routines, observing and discussing daily weather patterns and seasonal changes.

Bible Lessons:

Each week, students will learn about a new bible story. They will learn a Bible verse a month.

What happening at Beacon Light Kiddie University!

The students at Beacon Light wear uniforms. This uniformity allows the students to focus on their studies and it builds unity in our academic culture.

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I am so excited to see what this year has for each students' academic, physical and spiritual development.