Martin Luther Saint/Sinner

By Cia Galatas


95 Theses

Martin Luther proved that the church was only selling indulgences to get money for themselves. He helped many people save money instead of buying indulgences and he helped people know that they are not going to get a free ticket into heaven for just buying a piece of paper, but they have to obey the churches laws. Also the 95 Theses was intended to tell the church what they were doing wrong so they could fix it, but they took it in a much worse way.
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Leader of the Protestants

Luther gave people another way of thinking and believing other than Catholicism. This proved to the church that they should not be the head of everything because people have different belief systems. Also he stood up for what he believed in and this helped people stand up for themselves too instead of saying they believed in something that they did not.
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Sacrificed Himself

Martin Luther basically knew that the church and their people would become very angry at him and banish him from their religion and heaven. But, since he knew what he was doing was going to help him and his people, he did what he had to do. This shows that Luther is a very good leader because he does anything he can for what he thinks is right even if it is against what other people say.
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95 Theses

Luther went against the churches directions and created his own type of religion that is against the church. He started a group of non believers which is basically telling them do not believe in what these people believe because they just want your money so they can grow to get more power. Also he tells the church everything that is wrong about what they are doing but they are just trying to give the people hope and give themselves money to help the church grow.
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Sped up Mental Evolution

He helped people understand things that the church did not believe in which got people banished from the church, and hated. This is unfair to the people because he is not helping people believe in what is good, but he is making them hated by people who once thought of them as someone who enjoyed and believed in the churches doings. He created a revolution against those who were just trying to create a belief system and give hope to those who are in need.
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Put to Shame by the Church

Martin Luther disobeyed the church and they told him he was going to Hell. He did something against what everyone believed in so they consider him a sinner. He did not do something that was good for himself or the people and created a split between religion which causes violence, disagreeing, and hatred and none of that is wanted by the church or the people. He did not take anyone else's opinion into consideration or think about the outcome of his actions.

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