Web 2.0 Tool of the Month

December 2012

What Smore can do for you:

Tired of boring class newsletters? Want your students to publish a newsletter digitally? Wiki updates ignored because they're "ho-hum"? Need to create an eye-catching cheat sheet?

Smore is a free tool that lets you create and share beautiful online documents.

Getting Started:

Go to www.smore.com to create a free account.

You can browse thousands of documents to get an idea of how to create your own. Choose from scenic or solid backgrounds, a variety of fonts and style sheets, and customize your colors. Embed videos, links, sound files, pictures, event specifics with maps, or a photo gallery, It's incredibly easy to create and easy to share. I'm including examples of video and event specifics.

Simon's Cat in 'Santa Claws'

Winter Break

Wednesday, Dec 19th 2012 at 3:45pm

1100 E Main St

Frankfort, KY

Enjoy yourself! You've earned it!

Sharing your Smore:

You can e-mail, tweet, and facebook your flyer, or you can link to it or embed it on your web page. There's even an option to share it on Craigslist. You also have the option to print a stripped-down version: no video and no pretty background; just the important text.

Have fun making and sharing Smores!

Melissa Cordier

Library Media Specialist

Franklin County High School

Frankfort, KY