1920 A New Beginning

Todays Feacher: Woman and Jazz Music

Woman becoming uncontrollable

  • Woman are beginning to smoke in public, wear obvious make-up and bobbed hair, go on extreme diets, they show their knees and wear rolled stockings. Woman are trying to become equal to men. They are trying harder to get men's attention.

  • Woman are beginning to do "mans work". They are going into war. More woman are beginning to work and less are staying at home divorce is becoming more common. In general most woman are still stay at home moms that are staying married, hopefully we can keep them that way. All woman are now able to vote if they would like.

    Woman and female children ar now able to get an education. They are becoming equal to me or "stepping on men's territory". Woman are also becoming interested and involved with politics which was thought to never happen.

    Jazz is in

    Jazz music is very popular right now. There are a lot of great songs and composers out there these days. Jazz music first started in New Orleans around 1895; and is still around today.

    Jazz is bringing lots of new dance steps here to America. Some of the dances people are learning today are the Charleston, Black Bottom; Tango, Trot, and the Shimmies. Because of this people are being more expressive of themselves.

    There are great jazz songs along with great jazz composers. Black Bottom Stomp is one of the great songs. There are plenty of jazz composers and jazz composers to be out there, it could be you; who knows?