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The Mills had an awesome time mixing it up at Knockerball. We were happy to welcome our newest Jack and Jill members Camryn Hall and Anton "Myles" Chastang. Everyone that attended gave the activity TWO THUMBS UP!

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Knockerball with the Mills

Millenniums' Program Activity Calendar

A fun filled program year lies ahead for the Mills. As you plan your activities add details to our ACTIVITY GRID. The more detail the better. Refer to the sample descriptions from last year's program book for inspiration. Lots of helpful documents can be found in the Mill's shared Google folder.

Upcoming Dates

Looking forward to getting together at the following events.


September 17

Jack and Jill/Carole Robertson Day

September 18

Mother's Meeting


October TBD

Millenniums' Social Activity

hosted by Wanda McGlown-Hall and Piper Woodger

October 1

Legislative Committee: Voter Registration Drive

October 8

Sisterly Connection: Love Jones, Musical

October 16

Mother's Meeting


November TBD

Millenniums' Civic/Service Activity

hosted by LaRonda Chastang and Stephanie Hobson

November 18-20

Mother's Cluster

November 26

Snow Ball

2016-2017 Program Activity Hosts

October (Social)

Wanda McGlown-Hall and Piper Woodger

November (Civic/Service)

LaRonda Chastang and Stephanie Hobson

December (Kwanzaa/Holiday Event)

Adrienne HInnant Johnson

January (Educational)

Lisa Bradham

February (Cultural)

Tracey McNeil Robinson and Lasean Hardy

March (Health)

Regina Ann Campbell and Tanya Hubbard

April (Recreational)

Sherida DuBose Parsons and Zaundra Wimberly

May (Black Family Day)

Janissa Cameron and Shaun Summerville

Photo Gallery

Do you have pictures from Millenniums and Jack and Jill activities?

Please send to Wanda McGlown Hall and Tanya Hubbard.

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We are looking forward to an amazing program year!


Group Leaders: Wanda McGlown Hall and Tanya Hubbard