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Since last we connected, I've coached executives on mindset, supported entrepreneurs facing transition, presented nearly every week from NY to SC on topics from my book ranging from mindful leadership to educating professionals on resilience and creative process. We've enjoyed spring wildflowers, loved on family, along with extra compassion for friends and neighbors who faced loss or elders who needed a reminder that they still matter. Then recently, I found myself front and center of chaos facilitating calm and order during a multi-alarm fire at a conference that ripped through our housing. That was a big first-hand lesson that reminded me that creativity resides at the edge of chaos and that chaos is the door to realize what you are capable of. Leadership is about being present to what needs tending-- in all ways.

PS: Remember to shake your fire extinguisher. It should make a "thump-swish" sound when you turn it over. If its silent (even if the gauge is still green) it will not work! Pop it with your hand or a rubber mallet to loosen the powder inside. If that doesn't work- get a new one! And remember...always have an exit plan. Emergencies are emergencies because we don't know when they'll happen. Plan what you can, when you can.

That's how change is showing up for me. How is change showing up for you? I want to know! Let me know what's changing in your world.

SPRING : A Time to Explore Creativity

  • Each season I provide inspiring nuggets of wisdom through my newsletter which includes invitations to upcoming events. Each newsletter aims to help you create a mindful mindset and provide resources to build resiliency in the face of personal, professional and cultural change. Seasonal teachings come through both my personal and professional experiences and the Chinese Five Elements philosophy of Wu Xing (wŭ ching) and Tao, among other philosophies and sciences which highlight and explore unique nature-based ways to understand the processes of change. Find this newsletter useful? Be the gift that keeps giving, share it with a friend! Want to hear more? Invite me to speak at your next conference, place of business, networking or civic groups. Enjoy!

  • Spring is nearly here! I do hope wherever you are you're able to enjoy it. Where I live, in Raleigh NC-- animated by bursts of color and small movements in nature let me know spring is emerging a little more each day. Another way to experience the season of spring is to explore it via metaphor. According to Eastern traditions there are 5 seasons each represented by an element, a color and a series of emotional characteristics. Here's a simplified explanation.
    • Winter : Water : Blue : Stillness : Fear
    • Spring : Wood : Green : Creativity : Anger
    • Summer : Fire : Red : Connectivity : Joy
    • Late Summer : Earth : Yellow : Integrity : Sympathy
    • Autumn : Metal : White : Acknowledgement : Grief

    Spring is related to the WOOD element which represents the emotion of anger and informs a sense of renewal, forgiveness, vision, organizing, hope and most importantly-- creativity. Through the season of spring, we are invited to think and act in an upward and outward movement. When we embrace movement, we are freed from resistance and struggle. It may come as a surprise to note that sometimes we need an emotional force, like anger or loss to fuel growth, momentum, innovation and creativity. Change of all sorts can do this for us, if we're listening.

    Feeling stuck or at odds? Listen to anger as a guide to point you towards creativity. Consider a creative diversion to give emotions a voice and a place to be expressed. Creativity is energy. Emotions are energy. Problems are energy. Solutions are energy. Facilitate an experience for energy to be expressed-- for energy to be focused. Need a visual? Here's a brief TED talk to immerse yourself in on creativity.


    With spring comes new life. Tiny new buds and green shoots begin to emerge and seem to announce, "I'm ready to grow". Humans are no different. Even under adverse situations, we naturally aim ourselves towards improvement, progress and towards gaining the most success we possibly can. Striving to thrive is fundamental to our human evolutionary success, (even when it may look like self-sabotage or feel like we're going backwards). Take time to examine your own contribution.

    In the spirit of spring, ask yourself…

    • What’s new in your life?
    • What needs organizing?
    • Where have you lost your firm grip on ground?
    • What or who needs forgiveness at this time?
    • What are you giving birth to, literally, metaphorically, symbolically?
    • What are you most angry at? And what might you do to creatively transform this energy into an action that produces feel-good results for you and others around you?

    * Learn more about the creative process from my previous post "Birth of an Idea" or get it straight from my book pages 263-300. It's on Kindle now too! From Chaos to Calm :: Leading Change From the Inside Out

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    Sometimes things need to fall apart to land together. No matter what transition you’re facing, you are in the right place. I invite you to work one-on-one with me to address priority issues like stress, overwhelm and grief while you also focus to set goals and sharpen mindset. Sessions are custom designed to suite your needs, time and budget. Via phone or in-person. Travel immersions are possible too. Packages start at $255. Let’s get started!


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    Meet like-minded hearts world-wide! If you're on a mission to do good and want to do so with less stress and more intention, this global book study group is for you. We'll read the book and explore self-reflection questions, and meet for 1 hour, bi-weekly, for author facilitated discussions via Zoom video call. From Chaos to Calm :: Leading Change From the Inside Out is part personal story, part philosophy and part guide book written to help leaders navigate change by cultivating resiliency at the personal level first. JOIN C2C GLOBAL NOW
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    Wisdom Circle is a facilitated 6-month mastermind group designed to help you gain mastery over your mindset alongside other professionals. Bi-weekly meetings, accountability partnerships and coaching support helps serious professionals, like you, to define yourself, grow your business, fuel goals, catalyze ideas, gain traction, direction, community and peace of mind from personal and professional accomplishments. Wisdom Circle is limited to 4-6 seats. $500/month Read more.

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    Cultivating resiliency in changing times takes skills, perspective and wisdom. At its core, resilience is not just about "bounce-back" after adversity. It's about moving through change while maintaining grit, perseverance and (hopefully) good health. To regain a sense of peace with what is, even in chaotic times, we need to begin within. From Chaos to Calm :: Leading Change From the Inside Out is a quiet call to wake up to our individual and collective role and responsibility in solving our most pressing 21st century problems by cultivating resiliency at the personal level first. In this part personal story, part philosophy and part guide book, you'll learn useful nuggets for life, leadership and well-being.

    Love the book and interested in a book-study with Annelies to go deeper? She's gathering interested readers to lead a global book-study conversation. Join us!

    Available at Quail Ridge Books, Amazon, Wake County Public Libraries and on Kindle too!

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