American Red Cross

Giving Back


Clara Borton is the founder of American Red Cross. Borton was inspired to start American Red Cross due to her hearing about the Swiss Red Cross. Borton campaigned for American Red Cross and it was ratified in 1882.
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Need in the Nation

Our nation's needs included a response to war, natural disaster, and other human suffering. American Red Cross has helped our nation rebuild the lives in many communities.
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American Red Cross has provided the Army with nursing care, medical supplies, food and other necessities to American service members. They have also provided communities during natural disasters with meals and health contacts. Red Cross holds blood drives to donate blood in order to make an impact in someone's life.
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Affect in the World

Because American Red Cross provides their services overseas they have assisted millions of people affected in 24 countries. They have also educated 46,000 people in the United States about humanitarian laws.