Oscar Night Viewing Party


Join us Sunday February 24, 2013 for our Oscar Viewing Party

Plug Ugly's Oscar Night

Sunday, Feb 24th, 6pm-2am

2908 O'Donnell Street

Baltimore, MD

Play Plugs Oscar Night Game

$2.75 Domestic Beer

$5 House Drinks

Plugs Oscar Night Game - 1 point for each time something is done

Take a sip and a point if.....

  • Seth McFarlane sings
  • Seth McFarlene does the Stewie voice
  • Meryl Streep laughs
  • Someone struggles or jokes with Quvenzhane Wallis's name
  • Tommy Lee Jones frowns
  • Someone looks surprised to be caught on camera
  • Someone gets mocked or made fun of by another actor
  • Jennifer Lawrence says something "charmingly unscripted"
  • Ben Affleck is shown
  • Someone brings up politics
  • A winner claims they didn't expect to win

Finish your drink and give yourself 3 points if...

  • Joaquin Phoenix wins
  • Something other than "Argo" takes Best Picture
  • Russell Crowe sings
  • There is any wardrobe malfunction, tripping on a gown counts
  • Tina Few and Amy Poehler highjack the show
  • Someone curses on stage