by: Landri Brandt

Region of Texas the caddoes lived in

The caddoes lived in the region of the coastal plains witch is in East Texas.

Type of food the caddoes ate

the caddoes farmed corn, beans, pumpkins, squashes, watermelons, sunflowers, and tobacco. Hunting for bear, deer, small mammals, and birds was important, as were fishing and gathering shellfish, nuts, berries, seeds, and roots they fished because the were near the coast so it was convenient

how the caddoes food was obtained

The caddoes obtained there food by the men would hunt and fish and women would gather food like berries and acorns

what dwelling the caddoes lived in

the caddoes lived in a hut made out of cane. The huts were very large so that they could house other familys

what wepons and tools they used

the Caddo used bow and arrows for hunting, and fisherman caught fish and shellfish with basket traps.

Special traditions they had and Religion

the Caddoes religion was polytheist witch meant they believed in more than one god and they also believed in getting people to come to the after world with them

the caddoes Organization of Leadership

each caddo band was led by a chief chosen by a council of warriors. All the chiefs where male

where they are located now and what became of them

a large number of caddos now live near Binger,Oklahoma. Now the chief of a band can be men or woman

fun facts about the caddo

  • the caddo comes from the Indian world Kadohadacho, witch means "true chiefs"
  • Most Caddos speak English today, but some people, especially elders, also speak their native Caddo language. Caddo is an endangered language because most children are not learning it anymore.