RC Mac Community News

May 21-22

Hello Parents and Students,

On behalf of all the RC MacDonald staff than you for the lovely Teacher Appreciation cards and to Heather Walsh and Elaine Foo for organizing teacher appreciation.

So far about half our parents have responded to the "June School Return " survey. The link is also below "Microsoft Form". Please do not hesitate to contact me by email with questions or details about how, when or if you are planning for your children to attend. I may not have every answer immediately but will do my best to sort it all out and get back to you by Friday.

This week is a short week with lots of planning involved. Inside the school we are moving furniture to allow for physical distancing. Students who return will find their classrooms look quite different! Lots of room around the sinks for washing hands. No carpets or toys or building blocks.

In our front yard we are preparing for a forest rehabilitation project. We are purchasing trees and shrubs to plant around the stumps along the front and side of the school property. Thank you to Ray Hombrebueno for volunteering to pick up the plants from Nat's Nursery in Langley and thank you to Eve Gauthier for creating maps and a garden design. See below for details on this project.

Please email or call the office if you can bring your children and help us plant next week. It will be best to make an appointment to come by so we don't have everyone at once. So far the days and times are Mon-Wed anytime between 12 and 4. We are flexible! If you want to participate at a different time just let us know. This Spring we are working on Phase 1 of the project so there will be lots of opportunities for every student to participate.

For students- yoga poses and musical adventures are just a click away. See the links below.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,

Mrs. Roberts

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Garden Volunteers Needed

Volunteer Planters Needed!

Replanting trees and shrubs; a necessary step in rebuilding a healthy RC Mac forest!

We have the plants, tools and the physical distancing plan to ensure every student has the opportunity to participate in the planting. Planting starts Monday so call 604-936-0447 or or email troberts@sd43.bc.ca ASAP to schedule your preferred time slot over 30 -60 minutes in length.

Each planter will be provided a photographic map of which tree stump they are replanting for, plant ID number(s), and planting instructions. The ID number of their plant(s) will match those of the stake at the associated planting location. A planting ambassador will be available on site to assist with questions.

For those who can’t participate in the planting, there is lots of opportunity to: enhance habitat within the planting areas (mulching, sticks, stumps, logs, rocks), bug hotels, mason bee houses, labelling on rocks as to the species of plants and of course participation on the watering schedule.

Upcoming Dates

May 25,26,27 Planting Afternoons- Volunteers needed!

May 25th PAC Meeting on Zoom

May 27th Welcome to Kindergarten - Pick Up a "Welcome Bag", Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

June 1st School opens for part time on site attendance

June 21st Father's Day

June 25th Report Card Pick Up