Holiday Greetings from the Taskin's

Highlights of 2015

Hard to believe another year has passed!

We're all doing good - Jem is 16 and a Junior this year at University City High School. He is taking some hard classes this year, including 2 APs and 2 Honors classes, but is doing awesome and has a 4.5 GPA. He'll be taking the SAT this year, and will be looking at colleges in the summer - can you believe my little Jem will be graduating from high school next year and going to college soon? He played basketball again this year, but just quit due to shoulder surgery coming up on 12/29. He injured both shoulders playing football last year, went through a lot of physical therapy, but the right one is still hurting quite a bit so they are going to repair the tear surgically. He'll then have another 6 weeks of physical therapy.

Senay is 13 and in 8th grade at Innovation Middle School. She's an awesome student as well, with all A's so far. Her favorite subject is History and she still LOVES to read! She and her friend, Cassidy volunteered at the local rec center this summer helping out with the lunch program for students that come to the rec center for free lunches. They rode their bikes there by themselves 3 days a week.

Pacific Northwest Trip

We had a lovely vacation this summer in the Pacific Northwest. We flew into Portland and drove up to Seattle, Vancouver, over to Victoria Island and back to Portland. It was just beautiful up there, we loved the scenery and attractions. I think our favorite was Vancouver and also the Buchard gardens in Victoria.