Flying off the track!

By Chelsea Kennedy

What Happened

At the Royal Adelaide Show an eight year old girl flies to her death. The girl was riding the Airmaxx 360 when she slid under the seat and was hanging by her legs. Safe work SA said that the apparently flue 12 meters in the air until she fell down on the ground. The Airmaxx 360 was a new ride for the Royal Adelaide Show and the Airmaxx 360 had no tragic deaths at the Sydney Easter Show. Shocked witnesses said the girl was covered in blood when she was taken from the scene.

How does it work?

The Airmaxx 360 starts off slow and slowly becomes faster then the Airmaxx 360 carriages or seats start to rotate around then the Airmaxx 360's arms start bouncing up and down and viewers say the ride went down then up and the girl couldn't hold on any more so she let go.

Off to get help!

After the girl fell off the Airmaxx 360 she was treated with first aid for 30 minutes then the girl was taken to the Women's and Children's Hospital. After she was taken to Hospital the girl died shortly later.

Safe Work SA

Safe Work SA says that the girl was wedge in the buckle by her legs and then the girl finally flue off the Airmaxx 360. Safe Work SA closed down the Airmaxx 360 to investigate if the girl fell not just because she was too small for the Airmaxx 360. The Airmaxx 360 will not be featured in the Royal Adelaide Show 2015. Police don't know if the ride will be in the Sydney Easter Show again.
eight-year-old girl has died after being thrown from a spinning ride Air Maxx 360