Help Me Win A Chance To:

Boldly Go, Where I Never Have Before!

Wizard World is Giving Away The Ultimate Star Trek Experience Tickets.

“If someone says ‘Give me one word of advice,’ I say ‘be fearless.’ And knowing without any shadow of a doubt that what they have to give—who they are—is totally unique and not shared by anybody else. And to believe in that uniqueness. It took me decades before I developed courage as an actor.” by Patrick Stewart.

Wizard World, the host of many comic conventions from around the USA, has opened a photo contest to win 2 Ultimate Star Trek Experience tickets for their August 21-24th Comic Con In Chicago. The contest runs until July 30th 12p.m. PST. I have entered the contest and need your help to win!

As a child my dreams were filled with space and travel. This is partially due to my vivid imagination, the rest was because every night I fell asleep to the sound of Patrick Stewart's voice as Captain Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I did not come from a 'geek' family. My parents were always busy with work and when I asked to go to conventions I was never old enough to go on my own. When I finally reached the age I could go I was newly married and my husband was not interested. I spent years getting my husband into the 'geekdom' and finally when he was just as excited to go as I was we were broke college students. Each time we save up to go to a convention something comes up and we have to use our con money for emergencies.

I am cur rely 4 1/2 months from graduating with my Master's Degree in Public Relations. I want to use the opportunity of meeting the Star Trek Next Generation Cast, William Shatner, and Karl Urban to ask them about the PR field in Entertainment. This is where I want to work and making even a basic connection in the entertainment field is very important. Please help me win!

Now, I have the chance to actually win the tickets. It isn't a random drawing, it is all about getting the numbers! Now I just need you to help me win! Please go to this website and vote for me.

The full prize is a pair of Star Trek TNG Reunion VIP 4-Day Tickets to Chicago Comic Con August 21-24, plus photo ops and autographs from Karl Urban and William Shatner!

Lisa Brinker

I'm a Public Relations Master's Student in Indiana. I have been a Trekkie since 1994 (8 years old). I love all seasons of Star Trek, especially the Original Series and Next Generation. I really like the new movies because they have found a way to modernize the show without completely changing it.