Important Competition Information

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St. Paul Desna Dance Festival Information and Itinerary

April 24 – 25th, 2015

We are looking forward to a fantastic weekend in St. Paul. We’ve included some essential information for you to read prior to our departure.

To do by Wednesday, April 22nd

As I only have some of your cell phone numbers, could you please text me early this week with your name and the cell phone number you will be carrying with you. This is in case we need to reach you over the weekend; especially in case you get abducted while checking out the UFO landing pad.

Feel free to connect with me as well if you have any questions.

Nancy Slukynski

Cell: 780-804-3011

Please also note and save Brenda’s cell phone number as an emergency contact as well: 780-788-9644

Hotel Information:

Super8 Hotel in St. Paul: +1 800-536-0519

We have the hotel board room booked on Friday evening (where we can steam our costumes) and all day on Saturday where we can gather when not at the festival.

We will also have use of the hotel swimming pool. The hotel will provide pool towels. Be sure to pack your suits though!

Please check out of your room on Saturday morning before leaving for the festival. You may load your luggage on the bus as the board room will not be locked throughout the day.


All Saints Ukrainian Orthodox Culture Centre (ASUOCC) - 5601- 51 Street

Super 8 Hotel- 5008 - 43 Street

Royal Canadian Legion – 4925- 49 Avenue

Dance Groups - Handy Reference:

Kachinata = First Group on Tuesdays at 5:00

Sonechko = Second Group on Tuesdays at 5:45

Zirka = Third Group on Tuesdays at 6:45

Veselka = Fourth Group on Tuesdays at 7:45

Festival Dance Schedule:

10:30 Mark Zachkewich - Mazurochky

11:30 Kachinata - Poltovskyi Kozachok- Central costumes

11:30 Zirka - Veselyi Dity – Central costumes

1:30 Sonechko – Druzi – Central costumes

3:00 Zirka - Hutsulka- Hutsul costumes

3:30 Veselka - Zakarpatsky Veselka– Transcarpathian costumes

4:30 Hopachuk- Veselka – Central Costumes

7:30 Draven, Mark and Tanner - Arkan - Hutsul costumes

Detailed Itinerary

Friday, April 24th:

12:30 Arrive at Holy Trinity High School to load the bus. Please park at the rear of the school, closer to the Parson Creek Road entrance. Please bring donation for The Knights and Angels charity. We will collect the donations on the bus and will present one envelope to the school.

Please note: Car seats and booster seats on the bus are not mandatory. Parents can decide whether or not they want to bring them. There are seat belts on the bus that can be used to secure the car seats, but there is nowhere to secure a tether strap.

1:00 Bus leaves for St. Paul, Alberta. We will have one stop along the way for snacks and a bathroom break. Please note: We have nut, egg and fish allergies travelling on the bus, so please refrain from bringing these items on it.

6:00 Arrival in St. Paul, Alberta. Dinner at Royal Canadian Legion. Please bring cash. $14 for adults, $7 for children 10 and under, as well as a tip.

7:30 Depart for Super8 Hotel to check-in and settle in.

8:00 – 9:30 pm Please bring all dance costumes to the board room at the Super8 where we will have the steam irons set up for parents to prepare costumes for the performances.

Saturday, April 25th:

Please note: All dancers should be dressed in their costume before boarding the bus. They should also bring their garment bag as well as clothing to change into after their group has been adjudicated.

We recommend that all dancers travel on the bus from the hotel to the venue with their group. This saves us from searching for dancers at the festival site.

6:00 - 9:00 am Complimentary continental breakfast at the breakfast room of the hotel

9:00am Lastivka will have rehearsal in the board room.

9:15am Kachinata and Zirka will meet in board room for a rehearsal. Please have hair and makeup ready, but not in costume.

9:30 Sonechko will meet in the boardroom, not in their costumes, for a rehearsal.

9:45 Veselka will meet in boardroom, not in costume, for a rehearsal.

10:00 Sonechko will meet in the boardroom, not in their costumes, for a rehearsal.

10:00 Kachinata and Zirka board the bus.

10:15 Bus departs for Culture centre.

10:30 Mark Zachkewich dances Mazurochky

11:30 Kachinata and Zirka dance in their Central (?) Costumes.

12:00 Kachinata and Zirka board the bus to return to hotel

12:10 Depart for hotel. Kachinata free afternoon for lunch and can go for a swim or watch movie in board room. Zirka can have lunch and a rest before next performance- please no swimming at this time.

12:15 Sonechko boards the bus at hotel

12:30 Sonechko arrives at Culture Centre

1:30 Sonechko dances

1:45 Zirka boards bus at hotel

1:50 Bus departs for Culture centre

2:00 Sonechko boards bus to return from culture centre to hotel

2:15 Veselka and Zirka board bus Veselka: Please bring your second costume to the culture centre.

2:25 Bus departs for culture centre

3:00 Zirka dances

3:45 Zirka boards bus at culture centre to return to hotel

3:30 Veselka dances

4:00 Veselka- costume change

4:30 Veselka dances

5:15 Veselka boards bus at culture centre to return to hotel

All dancers can either eat dinner before boarding the bus to Fort McMurray or can bring food onto the bus. There are a number of dining options within walking distance of the hotel.

6:15 Board bus to return to Fort McMurray.

6:30 Bus departs for Fort McMurray There will be one pit stop along the way for snacks and a bathroom break.

7:30 Arkan - Draven, Mark and Tanner- Hutsul costumes

11:30 approximate arrival time in Fort McMurray

Packing list:

· Costumes – please double check that all costume pieces are in the bag

· Makeup- Stage make-up required. Please email if you need further pictures.

'All nailpolish must be removed.

· Slippers or boots

· Black socks for boys

· Light or flesh tone underwear, beige tights and tank tops (some dancers wear a sports bra instead)

· Headpiece, if you have been given one

· All hair must be kept in place (boys & girls). Girls must have French braids and their headpieces and hats should to be off their faces for the adjudicator to see their facial expressions. As such, please bring gel, hairspray, hairnets and/or bobby pins.

· Different sizes of safety pins in case slips, belts or other parts of costumes need to be held in place.

· DVD’s (G-rated please) for the bus and for the hotel

· Books, activity books, cards, crayons, puzzles, iPad, or other quiet activities for the hotel and bus

· Swimwear for hotel pool

· Pillow for the bus

· Snacks (Please note that food must not be consumed by any of the dancers while they are wearing their costume)

· Water bottle

· Cellphone and charger

· Alberta Health Care cards, in case of emergency

· Cash for

o Friday night dinner ($14 for adults, $7 for children)

o Donation for parking (Suggested $5 per family)

o Festival entrance at the door (Was $7/ day last year)

o Flowers for dancers (Carnations were for sale last year)

o A tip for the bus drivers

Information from the festival

This information is from last year. If there are any changes, I will forward them along.

Dressing Rooms: GIRLS: One located downstairs behind the stage, and one located just off to the right side of the entrance to the hall.

BOYS: One located downstairs behind the stage.

Admission will be charged at the door. Dancers and kids under 5 are free. Admission will be $7.00/day or $10.00 for a weekend pass. Programs will be $5.00.

We will have a small concession on site. As well we will have a raffle table with some fun prizes.

NO CAMERAS, DIGITAL CAMERAS, OR VIDEO CAMERAS will be allowed in the hall at any time during the festival. They will be taken away or you will be asked to leave them at the door before entering into the hall.

NO PARENTS ALLOWED BACKSTAGE. Each club is responsible for supervision of their dancers. Please remind dancers to remain quiet backstage at all times.

Again, we are looking forward to a great weekend! Thank you for joining us! Please call if you have any questions.

Warm regards,

Nancy Slukynski


Fort McMurray Ukrainian Cultural Society

Brenda Muir, President

Clarissa Vargo, Vice President

Nancy Slukynski, Vice President