Future Dog Walking Experience

By:Kate Andrews

Historical Leashes

Dog leashes have been around for many years.The first dog leash was invented by Lucy Mitchell.She wanted dogs to be trained without getting away.Dog leashes were especially used on the untrained and misbehaved dogs.The first material used to create a dog leash was metal (to make a chain),then leather,etc.

In early Egypt,leashes were used so dogs could hunt without getting away and/or protecting people/owners.

Snap and Go

Storing your dog leash will just take a few seconds because magnets are sewn into the dog leash so leash can fold leash up and take up just a few inches of space.

Strong,small magnets are inserted between decorative ribbon and actual dog leash at a position to let them snap into place.


1.dog leash(the dog leash was hard to find because we had to look for a leash that had ribbon to put the magnets inbetween the fabrics and that was a great lenth and width for the small magnets) 2.small powerful magnets 3.sewing needle 4.thread 5.wash-out fabric marker


Some of the disadvantages are you can not put the dog leash anywhere near electronics due to the magnets.You can also not wash the leash because the magnets on the inside will rust and magnets may damage washing machine/dryer.Another problem with constructing the leash was to find the right type of magnet.This is because if the magnet is too weak,the invention will not work the correct way.

Simple Solution

Snapping dog leash with magnets to save time and space for storing in tight spaces.

To make it better...

If I were to make this project better,I would create a waterproof dog leash that could easily be washed from the dirty life of pets.For example,if a dog dragged its leash through the mud,it would be silky and washable to wash the leash and use it again.