The Early People

By: Manu, Taylor, and Matthew


Interesting Facts

-Mohenjo-Daro (largest city), It is located in Modern day Pakistan,

-Kshatriyas were kings, but Brahmins were the learned and were the Kings’ advisors

-Their social structure was based on a caste system that could not be changed.

-Vedism; oldest scriptures of India, were the base of Hinduism; Aryans influenced the Hinduism we know today.


Interesting Facts

-They were polytheistic (many Gods) and had over 2,000 gods and goddess. Their Gods were represented as part animal part human.

-Created 365 day calendar based on astronomy

-Hieroglyphics were created and carved on stones to communicate.


-The king ruled the capital and appointed other rich aristocrats to rule over various territories.

-Internally specialized government, so the center, or the capital was the main cultural hub of the Xia Dynasty.

-Their art consisted of Erlitou Site which included pottery, bronze technology/weaponry, jades, bone tools.


-Four all-powerful gods, each town was protected by a god, sing, pray, make sacrifices

-Located in present day Saudi Arabia

-Wrote Cuneiform onto rocks to communicate