By: Miranda Jones

Basic Facts

  • Capitol: Hanoi
  • Population: about 94,350,000
  • Vietnamese is a monosyllabic language meaning that every syllable is a word
  • Found off the South China Sea

Games and Sports

Soccer and volleyball are favorite sports, but there is also badminton, and table tennis. Girls also don't play sports as much as boys do. When kids have free time, they play freeze tag, and also swim. Rural kids play dodge ball, hide and seek, martial arts, and anything they could make with what they have.


The red stands for communism, and stands for the color of happiness and luck. Each point of the stars on the flag represents a group of people; farmers, workers, intellectuals, youth and soldiers.

Holidays and Food

There are eleven major holidays in Vietnam, the most important one is Ten Nguyen Dan (Lunar New Year) Before the holidays, people clean houses, pay off debts, visit ancestors, and buy flowers. During the holiday they feast, decorate homes , decorate streets, and children receive present and treats from parents. On some holidays they give each other red envelopes with money in it. Most families ea rice with fish sauce. The sauce is the trademark of Vietnamese cooking and is served as dressing on almost all foods. One favorite noodle soup is pho and is usually eaten for breakfast. Since Vietnamese border the ocean, they usually have octopus, fish, eel, and shrimp in their food.


Men age eighteen to twenty five, can join compulsory and voluntary military service. Males can join military school at the age of seventeen. Females may volunteer for active duty and typically take place twice annually and service obligation is 18 months for Army and Air Defense. It's two years for Navy and Air Force. Females eighteen to forty can join Militia Force, or Self Defense Force service.

Did You Know?

  • Vietnamese names start with the families last name and are followed by one to two names
  • Hanoi has been the capitol of Vietnam for over a thousand years
  • If a rural family meets friends or family in the city they might bring a live chicken or something fresh from the garden as a present
  • Vietnam is home to about eight hundred species of birds, monkeys, iguanas, black squirrels, and two hundred other types of species
  • The Communist party is the only legal political party in Vietnam
  • Nguyen is one of the most common last names, around thirty million people share it


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