Liberty Academy Newsletter

September 19, 2018

A note from Mrs. Augustine to parents of Missouri Options Students:

Students have been given a Senior Early Graduation form. Please take a few minutes to review this form with your student, then sign and have your student return as soon as possible. Thank you

Mrs. Augustine

NORTH Homecoming: This Friday/Saturday!

Football game is Friday night (9/21) vs. St. Joe Central

Homecoming dance is Saturday night (9/22) from 8-11pm

Liberty North Homecoming Carnival and Parade

Food, games, and a parade for all ages!

Thursday, September 20



Immunization Clinic Coming Soon!

Registration deadline is September 20, 2018.

Liberty Academy is partnering with Clay County Public Health Center to offer an immunization clinic to all students during the school day on October 4th. The meningococcal conjugate immunization is given after a child's 16th birthday and is required by the state of Missouri before the student may start 12th grade. This optional clinic will help students obtain the required immunization for 12th grade. Students may also receive the flu, HPV, and meningitis B immunizations at the clinic.


Please read the Parent Information Letter and FAQ page for more information. Please complete the Registration and Consent form to register for the clinic. Registration deadline for the clinic is September 20, 2018.

If you are unsure if your student has received these immunizations please check with your child's doctor.

Think you might be able to graduate in December?

Early grad paperwork is due to Mrs. Streu NO LATER than Friday, October 12th. Need a copy of the paperwork? Be sure to ask!

Have you paid your LAPTOP INSURANCE??

If your student...

  • Has not paid for insurance for the 2018-2019 school year, AND/OR

  • Has a claim for damage that has not yet been paid.


Students without computer insurance or with unpaid claims should not be leaving school with their device. For this reason, issues not resolved by September 24th, 2018, will result in your student’s computer no longer functioning when the computer is NOT connected to Liberty Public Schools wireless internet access points. Your student’s computer will verbally announce that it is shutting down when this happens.

In order to restore your student’s MacBook to full working order, please follow the directions below:

How To Enroll for MacBook Insurance

· Go to & click on “Enroll My Device.

· Follow prompts for state, school district, etc. & enter nine-digit Student ID, found above.

· Continue following prompts and entering your information until payment is complete.

How To Pay Your Claim

· Go to & click on “Process My Claim.

· Follow prompts for state, school district, etc. & enter nine-digit Student ID, found above.

· Continue following prompts and entering your information until payment is complete.

Be sure that your payment amount is correct if you qualify for free or reduced lunch. Do not complete if the amount shown online is incorrect.

Thank you,

Melissa Norris

Liberty Academy

Career and College Readiness Day

Saturday, September 22

10am - 2pm

Mid-Continent Public Library: Liberty Branch

1000 Kent Street, Liberty

Get ready for your future. Learn about financial aid and scholarships, how to fill out FAFSA forms, and meet college and trade career professionals. Whether you're headed to college, straight into the workforce, or off to a gap year, this is a chance to get your questions answered and get your school year off on the right foot.

FAFSA Walk-Through


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, better known as the FAFSA, is your ticket to college scholarships, grants, and loans. Unfortunately, filling out the FAFSA can be challenging. We will walk you through the FAFSA line by line.

Financial Aid and Scholarships


Explore the financial aid options available to pay for college including sought-after "free money" from scholarships and grants with us.