Cool Cat News

December 1-5

Principal Brief

The Fundamental Five

Sean Cain discusses "The Primacy/Recency Effect" in Ch. 5. Most teachers, in the course of instruction, have just one start and one finish in their lesson cycle: the beginning of the class and the end of the class. This is yet another reason why a quality lesson frame is such a powerful instructional tool. When the brain is most alert, the lesson frame highlights what is most important about the lesson, the critical instructional concept (primacy), and the student's final demonstration of that concept (recency). By introducing multiple state changes during the course of a class period, the teacher is able to create multiple starts and finishes, thus facilitating the possible vibrant memories throughout the class. If you add purposeful talk, BINGO! the student will remember more content.


PreK-2 will look at upcoming units in math and ELAR, 2-4 will look at data in math, reading and science. Please bring data notebooks with you. 3rd grade PLC will complete writing rubrics.


"The golden rule of writing is to write about what you care about. If you care about your topic, you'll do your best writing, and then you stand the best chance of really touching a reader in some way." Jerry Spinelli

Glove Day

Mark your Calendar - December 3rd is our next districtwide core values focus-- GLOVE DAY! Here’s the story behind the gloves:

After Rachel Scott’s death, found among her belongings was a tattered pair of gloves along with an essay titled “The Gloves of Conviction.” One snowy evening while Rachel was working at her job at the local Subway, a homeless woman came in and sat in a booth in the corner. Rachel saw the woman and felt compassion. She wanted to make a sandwich for her, but the thought came into her head that this woman probably went from restaurant to restaurant expecting handouts, so she stopped making it. After a while, another customer came in and ordered two sandwiches and gave one to the homeless woman. As Rachel was cleaning at the end of the night, she saw a pair of gloves that the homeless woman had left behind. Rachel kept the gloves for a long time, hoping the woman would return. She never did, so eventually Rachel took them home to remind herself to never let her head get in the way of her heart.

On December 3rd, all adults and students need to wear a glove all day. Our goal is that every student at will hear the glove story and understand the meaning of caring for others. Giving Love to Others… it’s the Wylie Way.


Great job Mrs. Emerson and the UIL coaches for working so hard with our students. Kindergarten did an excellent job helping with McDonald's night. The kids loved seeing you! Hartman was #1 in cash donations for the Christian Care Center. We will celebrate our giving spirit with a chicken lunch courtesy of Canes chicken. Krista and I have enjoyed having lunch with different teams each week. It is a pleasure getting to know all of you and hearing about your precious families! Thanks Lori, Helene, Tami, Cindy, Michelle and Krista for being outside during morning duty. It gets very cold! Our parents appreciate seeing you welcoming the kids and making sure they get in the building safely. Sunshine committee did an awesome job of hosting and planning our Thanksgiving feast. RTI team has spent countless hours this week planning for RTI meetings. Thanks for being a great team Cool Cats, we are great because we work together. Have a wonderful vacation with your families and make lots of memories!

Upcoming Dates:

12/3 Faculty Meeting: I know we have been meeting a lot. Wylie has many expectations that we must follow through on. This Wednesday, Teresa Warren is coming to share strategies for ELL students and Yolanda will be sharing TELPAS data. These are both district expectations. Please remember to sign the sign in sheet each week. I have to send them to the ESC, so they know we met about the required topic.

12/4 PLC's Looking at data, and discussing student needs.

12/5 Kinder lunch with Shawna and Krista 11-11:30 am

Cool Cats are the Wylie Way!

I am really impressed with the caring and giving core value with our students and staff. The Cool Cats model that core value every day.