Kakenya Ntaiya

An everyday hero

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Why is Kakenya an everyday hero?

Kakenya Ntaiya is an everyday hero because she is inspiring change in her native Kenyan village. After becoming the first woman in the village to go to college in the United States, she came back to open the village´s first primary school for girls.

When she finished high school with top marks, the village women united to raise the money to send it to Kakenya. When she graduated in 2004 in the University of Pittsburgh, in Education, she collected 75,000$ toward the school that she promised to built in her village.

She inspirid million of people.

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Kakenya Ntaiya holds a Doctorate in Education and she works now as a teacher.

A typical working day for a teacher means starting work at 8.00 and finishing at 14.00. An educator works in a school , clinic and for minor in prisions.

To be an educator you have to know about: Psychology, Education and Sociology to be able to understand their problems and solve them.
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My job

I would hate to be an educator because you need to have a lot of patience, you have to know about problems... I would prefer to be a teacher because I can teach my knowledge and help people about my subject. I think it can be very interesting.
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