Secondary English Weekly #2

VOLUME FOUR, ISSUE TWO /August 30-September 3, 2021

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The district sync between Infinite Campus and Clever happened on August 26th. At this point, you should see the Secondary English Apps on your Clever dashboard. For English 6-12, alternate English courses (e.g. Humanities 8-10, African American Literature, and Major British Writers Seminar), and some electives, you will see the McGraw Hill App which will take you to StudySync. For Honors and AP English, you should see the Launchpad App. You should also see the TeachingBooks App (supplemental resource) which gives you access to CCS novel lists and book/author resources.

-CHANGING COURSE NAMES: If, like last year, your StudySync courses all have a similar name, here is the instruction guide for changing those to something that makes sense, e.g. English 6 Period 1: StudySync-How to Change Course Names

-NEW DEPARTMENT: There is a new department in CCS that helps with the apps in Clever, Learning Technology. Tim Wangler works in that department and can be someone to help with troubleshooting if you experience any difficulty with secondary apps in Clever.

-GOOGLE CLASSROOM: If you plan to link your StudySync with Google Classroom, here are the tutorials for that: Webinar: StudySync Google Integrations, Teachers: Linking Your Account with Google Classroom, and Students: Linking Your Account with Google Classroom.


In early August, copies of the StudySync Reading and Writing Companions (student consumables) were sent to the buildings based upon numbers gathered last school year. Please locate these, if you have not already. They are to be used in the CORE ELA classes, English 6-12. They contain all six of the units for each course. For grades 6-10 there will be one volume with all six units. Grades 11 and 12 will have two volumes, each with three units. Distribute the StudySync Reading and Writing Companions to the students. They should not be saved for future use. We get new ones every year via the contract with McGraw Hill. Even if you decide you are doing most of the StudySync work online, it is important to hand out the consumable workbooks in your English 6-12 classes to every student. This gives students additional modalities for interaction with text and lessons. If your building received too few, additional copies can be ordered from the book warehouse via your building book person. If the wrong grade levels were delivered to your building, please request that delivery services takes those to the warehouse.

Mastery connect boy, moy, and eoy

This year, students will take the BOY, MOY, and EOY on the District's Assessment Management System, Mastery Connect. The testing coordinators will be attending a training on August 31st with the Learning Technology Department & Literacy Specialists to learn how the tests will be delivered and managed. You will then be given that information from the coordinators which includes how-to videos and clear step-by-step instructions. Students will take the test on a secured browser.

For ELA, the tests inside Mastery Connect for the BOY have passages/questions that have been pulled from StudySync Benchmark Assessments. The test is document based and the students fill in a bubble sheet which populates beside the test. The test will measure some standards from the previous year (66%) and some from this year (33%). The BOY testing window will be open through September 30th.

Curriculum Updates

This summer, numerous curricular documents were created and/or updated for Secondary English courses. You should access the curricular documents for the courses you teach on the ELA 6-12 Webpage by clicking on either the Curriculum/Instructional Resources 6-8 or Curriculum/Instructional Resources 9-12 Quick Links. Those curricular documents are also located below for your convenience.

NOTE: You do need to be logged in with your CCS Google Account to access the curriculum items. If you are a new teacher who has not set up your CCS Email/Google Account, please request access to items by stating that you are a CCS teacher in the note section of the request.

SHOUT OUT: Kudos to these hard-working teachers who helped write curriculum this summer! Bethany Bell, Tara Fox, Tracie Helmbrecht, Rashaun James, Fian Kunesh, Alex Lendon, Pattie Niese, Amanda Palmer, Michelle Prenger, Pam Reed, Amanda Rizer, Maya Shaaban, Denise Sizemore, and Sharon Turchan!!
















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Monday, August 30

  • StudySync Webinar: Set Proficiency Levels for Automatic Differentiation 4-4:15PM Register
Tuesday, August 31
  • StudySync Webinar: Engagement Party: Ways to Keep Students Interacting Online and Off 4-4:30PM Register

Wednesday, September 1

  • StudySync Webinar: Basic Training: The Reading Routine-Reading & Rigor in StudySync 4-4:30PM Register
  • TeachRock Free Class: “How did The Beatles change everything?” 7PM Register for this free event here.

  • Suppression of Independent Media Outlets and Journalism Fellowship: Deadline to apply.

Thursday, September 2
  • StudySync Webinar: From Tweets to Tomes: How Students Write in StudySync 4-4:30PM Register
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Curriculum: What are the secondary english curriculum resources?

  • The Tier I Instructional Resources are StudySync (English 6-12) and the Bedford Texts/Launchpad (Honors and AP English).
  • The Tier II Intervention Resource is Achieve3000. The contact person for this resource is Sonja Dill.
  • The Supplemental Resource is TeachingBooks.

-Here is the CCS Adopted, Supplemental, and Intervention Resources List that contains all of the resources available to secondary English teachers.

-Here is a Resource Spreadsheet with Visuals showing which resources are designated for each course.

-Visit the ELA 6-12 Webpage for all Secondary English Curriculum/Resources. You will find your COURSE FOLDERS at the Curriculum/Instructional Resources Quick Links for your Grade Level. The COURSE FOLDERS have everything you need for your courses including Curriculum Maps, Standard docs, digital novels, adopted resource trainings/tutorials, Course Intros, etc.

NOTE: To access many curricular and district, you must be logged into Google using your CCS credentials and not a personal account.

Curriculum Resources: Access, PD, Tutorials, & Trainings

Secondary English Curriculum Videos


StudySync (Tier 1 Adopted Resource English 6-12)


Bedford/Launchpad (Tier 1 Adopted Resource Honors and AP)


TeachingBooks (Supplemental Resource)

outings, classes, contests, grants, and additional pd


Check out the line-up for the remainder of this season.

  • Wil Haygood (Tigerland), October 7, 7pm; Remember this is the book about East High School. You could plan to read it at the beginning of the school year and have your students attend his author talk.
  • Brit Bennett (The Vanishing Half) December 5, 2pm


The application for the Ohio State Area Studies Centers' 2021-22 K-12 Global Fellowship Program is now open. The aim of the program is to connect teachers from across the United States in a series of discussion group sessions that focus on contemporary issues from a global perspective. The sessions will take place on Saturdays throughout the 2021-2022 academic year from 9AM-12PM Eastern Time online via Zoom. The final deadline to apply is Wednesday, September 1st using this link:


Join Library Journal and School Library Journal on November 10 for the fifth annual LibraryCon Live! They're excited to present a day-long celebration of fandom lit, with panels devoted to horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and graphic novels. Plus, you can network online with other fans and explore their virtual exhibit hall.


Recognizing the extraordinary challenges teachers face, the Bonnie Chambers Grant Committee will award a one-time $2,000.00 grant to purchase books for K-6 students in an Ohio public school building.

This Bonnie Chambers Grant is designed to help teachers who strongly promote the use of quality literature in their classrooms. Teachers will use the grant money to select and purchase their own book choices (fiction or non-fiction) dealing with understanding and coping with COVID, racism and equality issues, and/or mental health issues for children and their families.

Application Criteria

  • This grant is open to any Ohio public school teacher(s) in grades K-6 who demonstrates a need for money in the purchasing of classroom books for their elementary building.
  • If a group of teachers apply, one teacher will apply on behalf of the building and serve as the contact teacher.
  • Need can be demonstrated through free-lunch ratios, recent school-levy results, extraordinary events, etc.

Applications for the 2021 Bonnie Chambers Grants are available and due by December 31, 2021. Visit the Bonnie Chambers Grant page for more information:


The LifeChanger of the Year Award seeks to honor K-12 educators, teachers, administrators or school staff members who make a positive difference in students’ lives. Submit nominations by Dec. 31.


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How did the Beatles change everything? TeachRock Free Online Class for Students-7pm Wednesday, September 1st

Have Your Students Join Little Steven for a Free Online Class!

TeachRock founder Little Steven Van Zandt is a musician, writer, producer, actor, director, activist, historian, and now a teacher! If you’re thinking “I wish I had a teacher like that in middle school,” you’re not alone. But your students can! Mr. Van Zandt’s classroom will be open to all--teachers, students, parents, fans, and the casually curious--for one night only! Join Steven Wednesday Sept. 1 at 7PM EST for a free online Varsity Tutors class that asks the question, “How did The Beatles change everything?”

You might be thinking, “Hmm, well they were iconic Baby Boomers, they helped the nation heal after JFK’s assassination, they became the voices of teenage culture--that sounds like a social studies class,” and, if so, you’re right! We hope this course will be exciting and fun for everyone, but it’s geared toward middle school and above students and will focus on how we can see American history and culture through music.
Register for this free event here.

Encourage Students to Read the Nominated Books for the Buckeye Children's and Teen Book Award

The Buckeye Children’s and Teen Book Award program is designed to encourage students in Ohio to read literature critically, to promote teacher and librarian involvement in young adult literature programs, and to commend authors of such literature. The 2021 Nominees have been chosen and voting begins THIS WEDNESDAY, September 1st. Encourage your students to read the books so they can vote for their favorite. The site is also taking nominees for the 2022 Award.

For Grades 6-8

  • Coop Knows the Scoop by Taryn Souders
  • From the Desk of Zoe Washington by Janae Marks
  • The Poison Jungle (Wings of Fire #13) by Tui T. Sutherland
  • Snapdragon by Kat Leyh
  • Words on Fire by Jennifer A. Nielsen

The Teen Buckeye Book Award nominees (for grades 9-12)

  • Be Not Far from Me by Mindy McGinnis
  • Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo
  • The Girl in the White Van by April Henry
  • The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  • The Invincible Summer of Juniper Jones by Daven McQueen
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SONG FOR YOUR WEEK! Hope you are feeling like you're "winning."